AL Jalila Cultural Centre For Children

A Creative Community by Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children (located in front of Sikka House)

Al Jalila Cultural Center for Children will deliver various art & design workshops for children and adults during the Sikka Art & Design Festival. We aim to promote curiosity and creativity amongst the community and provide interactive experiences that showcase an individual’s talent and artistic expression. The booth will represent a hub of talent through existing partners such as Center for Musical Arts, Iqraa Arabic Language Centre, Project You, RFLCT Creative Arts, Sxill Lab, Medaf Studio, Shoevenir and local artists such as Abdulla Lufti, Asma Baker, Victor Sitali, and Maryam Mansoor.

Al Jalila will be operating and managing the workshops during Sikka and we will have a mix of workshops and activations with one main stage performance by our partner Centre for Musical Arts.

Sunday 26 Feb 2023 @ 5:35 – 6:20 pm / Live Band Performance by Centre for Musical Arts

All workshops are free of charge
Registration is taken at the booth
Registration is done on a 1st come 1st basis