Al Seef

Sikka Art and Design Festival 2023 extends its artistic showcase to cover Al Seef District by hosting two artworks on its waterfront which will be displayed from February 24 – March 20, 2023, the end of Dubai Art Season.

STAINZ 37 (South Africa)

Cat Of All Trades / Mural / Spray Paint / 2023

This piece is a representation of a card being played, a card of what was and what is to come. Balance "The Jack" is powerful in itself, personalizing people's journey through their hard times, the good times and the manifestation of the in between.


Tune Me In/ Mural / Art Installation / 2023

The music played in Sikka sets the vibe of the art festival as the site is approached. The music played by the bands is the heart of the venue as it comes alive with the tunes, enhancing the experience of art and culture. I chose to focus on the notes as the music draws traffic into the venue by setting the vibe before reaching the core of the festival. The installation is 5 meters long with dispersed notes onto ropes. Each note is around 30cm in height, made of ceramics.