Azza Alqubaisi - UAE

Art Installation

This sculpture showcases the contrast between the old city and the modern city, showing how they are planned differently: the adoption of the grid system in modern cities as opposed to how, in the past, you could never see the end of the road because of the curved roads and pathways; it also highlights the organic growth in an old city versus the pre-planning in the modern one. This work captures the past, the present and the future combined with the background of one of the old houses in Al Fahidi.

The 3 surfaces focus on a different aspect of Al Fahidi:

Layer 1: Palm branches as a one of the main materials used in the past

Layer 2: The mild steel aluminum and stainless-steel cutout of the city outlines the area around Al Fahidi with layers of mild steel to reflect the modern materials used today in making up the modern city around Al Fahidi.

︎ Azza Alqubaisi