arab shorts - beirut animated 5th edition

Co-Curated by The Animation Chamber

Arab Animation Shorts

Animation Feature: Marona’s Fantastic Tale

8:00 – 10:00 PM


Sofia El Khyari

Morocco / 2017 / 3’38’’ / in Arabic and French with English subtitles

Three generations of Moroccan women exchange feelings and anecdotes while preparing for the traditional ceremony of Eid Al Adha.


Directors: Ryan Ghossein, Phébé Desterne, Chedi Ayari, M. Azer Kaabachi, Jake Zetter, Lina Methout

International / 2019 / 5’ / without Dialogue

A little boy needs to face the truth to grow up.


Director: Menna El-Atroush

Egypt, Germany / 2019 / 3’ / in German, with English subtitles

In a nursing home, an old man’s day goes by as he sinks in his chair. He struggles through a traumatic journey as he attempts to discover what lies beyond the fractured images he sees in his memory. In the end, he comes to realize his fear.


Director: David Habchy and Hussein Nakhal
Lebanon / 2019 / 1’ / in Arabic with English subtitles

Over 250, 000 migrant domestic workers (MDWs) - most of whom come from African and Asian countries to work in private households - are under the jurisdiction of the kafala system, an inherently abusive migration sponsorship system which ties the legal residency of the worker to a contractual relationship with the employer. The vast majority of these workers are women. This video is part of a campaign calling for protections of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon.

Social Molds Manual

Director: Raghad Albarqi
Saudi Arabia / 2018 / 3’ / in Arabic with English subtitles

Let’s focus on the typical, superficial ideas of living, thinking and behaving in our society that limits individual growth.

Sensible Tales

Director: Bahij Jaroudi

Lebanon / 2018 / 8’ / in English

A series of four completely unrelated tales that may or may not make sense.

Marona’s Fantastic Tale

Director: Anca Damian

France / 2019 / 92’ / in French with English subtitles

After an accident, a little dog remembers all the different masters she's had successively and loved unconditionally.