arab shorts - beirut animated 5th edition

Co-Curated by The Animation Chamber

Arab Animation Shorts

Animation Feature: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

8:00 – 11:00 PM

Dystopian Patterns

Director: Isabelle Nouzha

Belgium, Lebanon / 2019 / 6’43’’ / without Dialogue

Something happened to that city. It could be Beirut.


Director: Fadi El Samra, Sergio Gonzalez, Yohan Orewa & Camilo Bossano

Lebanon, Spain / 2019 / 3’ / without Dialogue

At the end of a regular day at his office, a guy will face what we all fear: ourselves.

Sorry I Drowned

Director: David Habcy & Hussein Nakhal

Lebanon / 2017 / 7’ / in Arabic with English subtitles

The contagious spread of walls, fences and restrictive border measures around the world has catastrophically failed the millions of people fleeing war, persecution and despair. This 6-minute animated film “Sorry I Drowned”, created by the Beirut-based Studio Kawakeb and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), is inspired by a letter allegedly found on the body of someone who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. While we may not know much about the person who wrote the letter, we do know that its contents are real.


Director: Rana Rachid

Lebanon / 2021 /  1’23” / without dialogue

“Filthy” is an experimental animated short about the consequences of humans dumping waste in the forests.

How my Grandmother Became a Chair

Director: Nicolas Fattouh

Germany, Lebanon, Qatar / 2020 / 9’30” / without dialogue

An ageing grandmother loses her five senses one after the other before finally becoming a wooden chair. Throughout her transformation she realizes that her African housekeeper is not the wild animal she once thought she was but the caring and loyal family member she was sadly lacking.

Animation Feature:

Marona‘s Tale Fantastic

Director: Anca Damian

English with French in’ / 92 / 2019 / France subtitles

After an accient, a little dog remembers all the different masters shes had successively and loved unconditionally.