draw and swap'

Perryhan El-Ashmawi

If you are feeling a little creatively stuck, getting involved in this interactive workshop is a great way to shake up your art practice. In this workshop, led by Perryhan El-Ashmawi, participants will be combing different creative skills through a cooperative drawing exercise. Using a timer, individuals will start, stop, and swap artworks to create an overall unique drawing. A single art piece will be completed with the contribution of multiple artistic skills, in which every member will have a unique idea that becomes part of the big picture. Participates will start drawing part of a head/face, while setting the timer for one minute. As soon as the timer goes off, participants will pass the paper to the person sitting next to them. They will then draw onto the new paper, and have the choice of continuing to the original drawing or changing it up. Throughout the exercise, artworks will be passed around until everyone gets their original paper back.

︎ Friday 18th March, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

︎ Workshop Courtyard

︎ Free

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