foraging fahidi + eco printing

Alchemy of dyeing

Join The Alchemy of Dyeing for a walk through the Fahidi district to explore and map local material, plants and pigments that can be used in natural dye practices. The foraged items will be combined with rust to create an artistic, reusable cotton tote bag with the eco-print method. Participants will be able to take their creations and leftover dyes home. Prior dyeing experience not required. Age group: 15 +The Alchemy of Dyeing is an immersive research platform and workshop conceived by fashion designer Mehru Khan and artist Nahla Tabbaa that dives into the alchemy of colour making, urban foraging, textile dyeing, chromophobia, taste making and other complexities around organic dyeing.

︎ 15+

︎ Tuesday 15th March, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

︎ House 24

︎ Free

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