Threads of time: Weaving history on a blank Canvas

Hamda Ahmad Al Falahi, Reema Al Mheiri – UAE

Stretched Fabric, Metal

The Sikka Art & Design Festival is a celebration of creativity and innovation, offering visitors an immersive and interactive experience. This year's Façade and alleyway are a tribute to the region's rich textile heritage and its role in the history of trade.

The design concept is based on the idea of a blank canvas, represented by a traditional canvas waiting to be embroidered with threads. This mimics the process of textile making and the significance of this trade in Al Fahidi. Visitors to the festival will have the opportunity to leave their mark on the installation by participating in an interactive weaving feature on the façade.

The color palette was carefully chosen to represent different elements of the concept, with blue representing the creek, brown representing the land, and red representing spices. The soundscape accompanying the installation mimics the sounds of the traditional oud and the waves of the Dubai creek, as well as the sounds of the seagulls, bringing to life the bustling atmosphere of the historic trading hub. The colorful pattern featured throughout the structure is a woven element, symbolizing the Al Fahidi alleyways and the artists who have passed through Sikka over the years, seeking new horizons for growth, expansion, and creativity. Sikka is a blank canvas space for artists to flourish.

︎ Hamda Ahmad Al Falahi

︎ Reema Al Mheiri