House 11

Sikka House


Crosshair / Watches / 2023 

Independent watch company started by a 21 year old Emirati Student. Each watch reference is designed with passion, using the best quality of materials, with swiss movements. Each watch reference is limited, and will stay that way.

They Write Stories About Places Like These / Weaving / 2022

Adventure is seen in almost every form, whether it was in a place, book, or even a song; placing you in a scenario where you are simply not just a being, but instead become one with the sea and stars.

Unfolding / Mixed Media on Cotton fabric / 2023 

Unfolding is an investigation into relationships with a sense of place centered around my hometown, Ghayathi. Reconciling the tangible and intangible elements of space. The fabrics within it fold, hold and hide the space's intimacy, identity, and history. I reflect on these places' physicality by intuitively adding colors, driven by memories, emotions, and experiences.

HAMDA AL FALAHI (UAE) / Threads, Crystals, Different Mediums / 2023

An experimental thoub line inspired by Arabic poetry curated by ashadasmal.

Constructions site / Fashion and artwork / 2023

Classic pieces mixed with street fashion inspired by the two-dimensional geometric shapes and connected lines to create a simple design in addition to fine details for a contemporary and unique look, using varying colors between white and black.


Portable Installations / Varies / 2019 - 2023

Portable Installations, is a series of handbags made from various materials, including brass, carpets, acrylic, silver, etc. Part of Hadhir’s process is  collaborating with artists, to recreate their symbolic artworks into a small portable installation. Her art is a form of togetherness, fervently reaching in all directions, opening up dialogues between relic and replica, documentation and mimesis, individual and community.

This is an ongoing exploration of materials and production in the UAE.


Heritage Collection / Jewellery designing / 2020

Collection inspired by the traditional Emirati gold jewelry, reimagining the region’s heritage with contemporary jewels, balancing the gemstones with 18 karat gold.


My Lady / Jewelry Design / 2020

Naraya Fine Jewelry is an Emirati dubai based brand excited to unveil its latest collection. The Naraya team has hand-selected the most exceptional and high-quality gems to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are truly rare and treasured. The 'My Lady' collection is a true celebration of the beauty and magic of gemstones. Customers can experience the ethereal glisten of the jewels and the story they tell through their remarkable characteristics and colors.


BRX Fabrics / Hand Custom Art Fabrics / 2021

I was inspired by quality fabrics all around the world and thought I wanted to bring my artist touch and concept to the fashion industry through fabrics and therefore I called it BRX in a subtle play of words. The idea of bringing beautiful art pieces by creating various designs that range in style from the nostalgia of the 90s to the modern day trends.


Maryat Um Hilal - Before It’s Forgotten / 3D Printing / 2021

This project shares the importance of documenting and preserving traditional jewelery before it is forgotten and lost to distant memories. Listening to the stories behind each piece and photographing them. Indeed, the aim of the project is to create a campaign "Before It's Forgotten" in the UAE. This installation is research in progress - 3D printing traditional jewelry elements.

Maryat Um Hilal

Necklace with gold beads and crescent moon (hilal) shaped central element set with a pearl and rubies and decorated with twisted wire work.


Flower / Natural Flowers / 2023

The artwork is a natural flower installation at two specific areas. The flower variety used is gypsophila and the overall idea is to make it represent as a cloud of flowers. It's tiny flowers and will be used in a bunch. The color will be silver and gold. Silver and gold gives the modernity and artistic taste to the whole installation. Traditional pot will be used at one installation and it will be of vibrant pink color.