Al Fahidi Arts and Culture Centre

House 13

Al Fahidi Arts and Culture Center, a multi-facilities and services center to promote social, creative, artistic, and cultural communication for all segments of society in the United Arab Emirates. By holding various events, exhibitions, artistic and craft courses, seminars. local and international artistic and cultural forums and attracting professional artists from all over the world to exchange knowledge in various fields of arts and culture.

Al Fahidi Center was established in June 2021, in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood in Dubai - House No. 13 - by the artist Budoor Obaid Al Budoor, founder of Budoor Art Studio, the joint administrative and educational founder, of arts and crafts courses approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.


The Al Fahidi Joint Bazaar exhibition is held for artists, sculptors, craftsmen and works of art produced by the center’s trainees. It also presents an interactive installation from the works of the Emirati Artist Capt.X. It also presents various artistic performances with artists and craftsmen residing in and outside the country.