House 16


Slip / Movable chair - wood and synthetic leather / 2023 

Slip is a compact potter’s chair, with an enclosed storage space. Inspired by my observations of hardworking potters in little studios in Fujairah, Slip was designed to offer comfort and comprehensive support while working on the pottery wheel. Topped with a cushioned seat upholstered in synthetic leather, wrapped in a veneer with an organic pattern inspired by the material qualities of liquid clay.  The chair includes a storage space that can be opened up to allow potters to store their tools within easy reach. The storage unit includes wheels which allows it to “slip” around. In its closed state, the storage space helps the chair swivel around freely.

The Goal Oriented + PINK PILL / Mixed Media / 2022

This series of installations talk about the silver lining between our traditions and rich culture that we are born and grow with and the life we create and experience on our own. A goal-oriented installation is the parallel line of the cancel culture; it represents how some individuals embrace the traditional road and aim for their dreams.

The pink space is for the person to fill with their own experiences and stories. While we have our traditions and cultures, it's always good to have a safe space to create and design the life that you desire. This journal is dedicated to the little girls who have always known they are powerful. And to the women who need to be reminded of it.


Over 100 students participating at Sikka from the College of Arts and Creative Enterprise at Zayed Universities. The showcase includes print-making, graphic design, mixed media, installations, painting, drawing, furniture design and animation.