AKAAS Visual Arts

House 17

AKAAS visual arts aims to spread culture and arts in the UAE and Dubai in particular.

Rashid AlMulla - UAE

Counting Stars | Digital Art on Canvas | 2023
Ocean protector | Digital Art on Canvas | 2022
Don’t Be Fooled | Digital Art on Canvas | 2022

The current collection is about hidden messages and symbols between the lines. These messages are imbued with the necessary revelations to guide a person's soul to comprehend what he or she should do to complete their mission.

Marwa Alhosani - UAE

Challenge yourself | Interactive - Multimedia | 2023

Challenge themselves by knowing that not everyone know how to draw a star, later on the participant draw a star on there way then they can see the reflection of the star within the project and take a selfie and share to the artist - don’t think you know how to draw a star.

Mai Majdy - Egypt

The Identity | Figure oil painting, gold and silver leaf on canvas | 2023

One of the «I'm here» collection
Moments of strength in a private uniqe world of energy and symbolism, reflects the power
triangle for women
(Femininity) Beauty and tenderness
(Self-reliance) Self-belief in oneself and one's abilities
(Identity) by adhering to what represents originality and heritage

If these pillars are complete in a woman, I see in her an indomitable power and a unique shining star that distinguishes her from the rest of societies in light of the overlapping of different cultures. The woman of yesterday, today and the future. A breathtaking inspirational full of strength and life. Each of them has a unique identity that tells you: I am here.

Jassim Al Awadhi - UAE

The Shadow | Sculpture | 2022

The Shadow Every creature has an origin, and the semi-origin is a shadow. A work of art inspired by the architectural decorations in the Al Fahidi region, black and white cement and powder extracted from stones

The Circle | Sculpture | 2022

In pursuit of renewal, every soul rotates in circles upward until it gets rid of its impurities and reaches its goal. The artwork consists of 3 figures of the same design, in different colours. The material used is iron.

Faisal Al Rais - UAE

People from the neighborhood | Interactive - Multimedia | 2023

The artwork embodies my journey among the people whom my camera lens met on the banks of Dubai Creek, a spontaneous meeting in a beautiful photographic relationship that made them friends I did not know and had not met before. Until the connection returned with its disintegration, our friendship and the lost moments of meeting, those moments embodied and revived by this work of art. 

To search for your place among them and be my friend, make the walls of the Al Fahidi neighborhood a witness for us, for we are still in the same meeting place, on the banks of Dubai Creek.