House 21

Bait Al Khazaf

A group exhibition of diverse potters based in Dubai, showcasing different products that display various pottery techniques. Potters explore clay as a medium of art expression and design. Ceramic artists will demonstrate their passion and love for pottery through their collections of sculptures, vases, murals, installations, and many more.


Alison Ladegaillerie (France)
White Body / White Porcelain / 2022 - 2023

Following A.Burri through his Bianchi series “There is no more separation between the surface of the painting and its form" Wandering about the frontier between painting and sculpture, form and space, surface and material. I wanted to approach the feminine shape, expressing all its complexity throughout the porcelain layers, with various depth and opening in the cutting.

Outrenoir 1-2-3-4 / Black Clay & Black Porcelain / 2022 - 2023

Transcending the pur gestural and monochromatic abstraction, so is the path explored by Pierre Soulages. My intention in this body of work is to play with the density and brightness of the black color. Through the light and the material itself, ceramic, this is an attempt to follow Soulages’s “Outrenoir” spirit.

Rashed Thani & Amal Thani (UAE) 
Vase and Cups / Ceramics / 2022

These pieces are a collaboration between Ceramicist Amal Thani and Multidisciplinary artist Rashed Thani. The collection takes into account both of their skills in every step of the process, from mixing clays, throwing, carving and glazing. Resembling a relay race, one picks up another's work in a cyclical manner to the finished product. Each piece is individually mixed, thrown and carved. Paying close attention to the unique markings of each piece and responding to them.

Aneesha Rai  (India)
Elixir Of The Desert / Ceramic

This stunning artwork draws inspiration from the mystery of the elixir of life. The vase is crafted with intricate details that resemble the rugged terrain and dunes of the desert. The vase appears to be a vessel of magic containing the mystical and precious elixir that brings immortality and everlasting youth. The artwork encapsulates the essence of the desert, with its stark and stunning beauty.

The Dance Of Sun & Sand / Ceramic

A set of two vases depicting the desert sun and sand is a beautiful combination of ceramic & modern geometric art style. The depiction of the sun and sand can be conveyed through bold shapes, warm colors, and abstract patterns, creating a sense of movement and dynamism. The color schemes and patterns reflect the heat and intensity of the desert.

The Shifting Sands / Ceramic

A set of three vases depicting the shifting sand dunes of the Arabian desert is a stunning representation of the natural beauty of this unique landscape. The intricate designs and skillful craftsmanship of each vase capture the fluid movement and textures of the desert's sand dunes, evoking a sense of wonder and awe. These vases serve not only as decorative pieces but also as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of the Arabian region.

The Breeze / Ceramic

Crafted with delicate precision, the artwork resembles a wind chime, with its elongated form and intricate designs resembling the tinkling sound of wind chimes. "The Breeze is a stunning ceramic artwork that showcases the beauty and versatility of transforming a simple piece of clay into a work of art that captures the imagination and delights the senses.

Anila Ashraf (Pakistan) 
Moon Jars / Stoneware, Clay & Porcelain / 2023

Anila’s moon jars are not just beautiful ceramic objects, they are spiritual reflections of the natural world alternatively calm and contemplative, dynamic and dramatic. So named for its spherical, lunar appearance, the form dates back as far as the Joseon period (late 17th to 18th centuries). These moon jars are thrown on the wheel in one piece and “craters” are bought out through the process of firing.

Aymen Azzam  (Jordan)

Earth / Crystalline Ceramics / 2021

Unique crystalline ceramic plate. Stoneware & porcelain fired at 1295 degrees centigrade in a unique approach of thermodynamic firings leading towards a felting crystalline formation. The piece is part of a collection of work expanding the limits of natural materials are stretched to the extreme, while considering the aesthetics aspects of different forms and patterns to create new artificial forms of nature.

Browen Hore (Australia)

Amphora Of Tolerance and Opportunity / Ceramic Amphora / 2022

Dedicated to the national day celebrations of the UAE in 2022. The amphora is inspired by the many domes in architecture here in the UAE. The handles represent the branches of the Ghaf tree, the symbol of tolerance and diversity to the UAE. People from all over the world are represented in the windows of opportunity, diversity, safety, tolerance, inclusivity and innovation.

Beauty Or Comfort? / Ceramic / 2020

This type of shoes is my interpretation of the desire to wear shoes that look beautiful but cause great pain. Clay used as a medium to represent the pain of such beautiful but uncomfortable choices I’ve made in my life.

Candice Chidiac  (Lebanon/United Kingdom)

It’s OK / Ceramic and mixed clays / 2022 - 2023

'It's OK' is my first exploration into the way we, as living beings, are subjected to ever evolving environments. Taking as a starting point the accepted notion that clay has a memory, I wanted to convey the various paths we go through in life, the moments that mark us, the ups and the downs, and ultimately our adaptation to what life throws our way. Improvised, some pieces are shaped from one wheel throw, whilst others are formed of two or three pieces joined together. Just like people, they are then molded and shaped, and marked and scarred and softened until they find themselves. In spite of the scars, the warped walls and the deep crevasses, each piece eventually naturally comes into it's own all the while holding its own memories. Although possibly awkward in their final shapes each vessel is still standing and projecting the notion that we all carry baggage and that that is okay.

Carolina Galvao  (Brazil)

Rustico Vase / Sculptural Vessels / 2023

…a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of appreciating beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete in nature¨. These two vessels appear both new and ancient. They are formed off centre, their raw black clay exteriors reveal many forms as you move around them, as if changing throughout time.

Ceren Senbark (Turkey)

Back To The Nature / Ceramic Sculpture / 2023

Stoneware sculpture mixed technique curves inspired from nature.

Ceyda Karasu (Turkey)

Look Different Direction / Ceramic / 2022

This ceramic vase is presenting two people that see the world in a different direction.

Sole Mate / Ceramic / 2022

This ceramic vase is presenting the unity of two people.

Dana Kamal (United Kingdom)

This Too Shall Pass / Ceramic sculpture mounted on reclaimed wood trunks and Perian porcelain / 2022

This too shall pass’ is a 26 piece installation of 26 ceramic figures capturing a single moment in time.

Farah Ahmad  (UAE)

Flow / Black Stone Clay / 2023

The three vases are inspired by the ancient African pottery, the lines express the flow between the feminine and masculine energy.

Isabelle Dufour (Frane)

Tableware and Vases / Clay / 2022 - 2023

Joseph MC Keever  (Ireland)

Shino Glazed Ceramics / Ceramic / 2022

These hand carved pieces were created in my studio in Dubai then bisque fired at 950 deg C. before being carried to Benissa in Spain where I applied the Shino glaze in the studio of Encarna Soler Peris. The pieces were then high fired in a gas kiln in Benissa. There are several matcha tea bowls (chawans), two Kurinuki hand carved boxes with lids and an incense burner. The glaze recipe was developed in Japan in ancient times and can only  be fired in a gas or wood fired kiln.

Karine Legay  (France)

The Intrepid Quartet / Black Clay with Glaze / 2022

This quartet of vases is part of a collection named "When lava meets the ocean". Inspired by the force of the elements, these pieces are my vision of the bubbling created by the lava flowing into the ocean.

Klaudia Domaradzka  (Poland)

Bodies Dressed With String Of Hoops / Sculpture Clay / 2023

The collection is inspired by the opposition of heaviness and lightness. I use light color clay with heavy grog to create a flowing body dressed up with the strings of weighty hoops. Heavy is grounding, real and authentic. Conversely, light is as free as trivial. I try to find the balance for each piece. Neither heavy nor light. Believing it is best when they coexist together.

Lara Pollack (Italy)

Funky Totem / Ceramic / 2022

The reason I like to make totems that are bright, happy and colorful is because totems are visual objects that catch your eye immediately. I love making the individual pieces, glazing them in vibrant colors and then finally assembling them and seeing what an interesting piece of art it becomes.

Lea Khoustekian (Canada)

Hanging Balloon 1 & 2, Deflated Balloon / Grog Clay / 2023

Baboom specializes in hand made ceramic balloons. While balloons usually give homage to childhood, representing happiness, lightness and freedom; Baboom's deflated pieces also represent perfectly imperfect humans who embrace themselves despite the hardships of life.

Madar Alsuwaidi (UAE)

Soul / Stoneware Sculpture / 2022

A journey of observing my mind, looking for alignment.

Margo Tummel  (Australia)

Falaj / Ceramic / 2023

This piece is a celebration/representation of the beautiful and calm environment experienced in the local Emirati palm groves. The combination of water flowing through the falaj irrigation systems and shadows of the palm trees is the perfect combination for a city escape.

Local Bites / Ceramic / 2023

The items in this set are typical of those in all the small cafeterias and restaurants found throughout the country. They represent the experiences we all have living in the UAE, whether you're a visitor or someone who calls the Emirates home.

Mitra Moser  (Austria)

Untitled / Clay / 2023

Each day we walk on this earth, our feet making contact with the ground that holds us and we lean on the bodies that surround us. This triptych of raw white grog clay vessels each sit in what I call a (ceramic) pillow, gently holding them in connection to each other. These organic shapes resemble bodily forms, reminding us of our intrinsic need for connectivity with other human beings and the natural world.

Nahid Soltani (Iran)

White and Pink / Ceramic / 2020

I made this shell in 2020 during the pandemic and honestly inspired by real small pieces of shells that I have in my home inspiring me to learn about sea creatures and then it happened.

Mesmerize  / Ceramic / 2021

Inspired by a British artist Halima Cassell, Mesmerize is handmade and with carvings using a small knife, her art has inspired me to make something similar.

Nazila Zarrinzad (Iran)

Blooming Mind / Ceramic / 2020

Hand built ceramic sculpture using stoneware white clay with underglaze applied using a tapping sponge.

Nessma Djougri (Algeria)

When Everything Went Right / Glazed Stoneware / 2022

The process of piecing things together has become prominent in my thinking and work. It is a pursuit of repeatedly mending joints and mediating disparate elements through sculpture, whereby composition is a constant state of inquiry. The appeal lies in how incongruence could simply be part of nature’s course.

Nessma Djougri (Algeria)

When Everything Went Right / Glazed Stoneware / 2022

The process of piecing things together has become prominent in my thinking and work. It is a pursuit of repeatedly mending joints and mediating disparate elements through sculpture, whereby composition is a constant state of inquiry. The appeal lies in how incongruence could simply be part of nature’s course.

NY Ceramics by Nizla (Portugal)

Blooming In The Desert / Ceramic / 2022 - 2023

Blooming in the Desert represents my blooming in the artistic world here in Dubai, a city raised from the desert. Also for me growing in Portugal with rain, green scenes, flowers is like bringing home to this city I fell in love with, so these installations have a double intention. All pieces are made of porcelain and double fired at a very high temperature.

Noora Juma (UAE)

2B / Ceramic / 2021 - 2023

Plates & Sculptures

Preeti Pawani (Canada)

Joey The Handyman / Clay / 2022

From a series of 'BEAUTIFUL ROUND PEOPLE' celebrating our everyday Heroes, this is ”Joey The Handyman” a clay figurine using White clay and underglaze.

Ream Saksouk (France)

Beautiful Nature / Ceramic / 2022

This pot reminds us to respect and enjoy nature and the beauty of the colorful flowers. To see all these colors, the birds… bringing joy and hope.

Sadaf Aamir (Pakistan)

The Heartwood Saga / Ceramic / 2022

Inspired by nature's oldest symbol, the tree. The artwork is a set of 16 Tiles in total, each handmade separately. The Heartwood Saga represents the beautiful layers within this symbol of nature by ceramic tiles that capture the viewer's eye with its attention to detail.

The Colorful Chasm / Ceramic / 2022

This concept piece captures the mysterious reality of 2 sides to everything. The black side and the colorful side are depictions that connect the two realities. The initial structure has been made using the coil building technique and this ceramic sculpture has been hand painted by using the majolicka technique.

Astro Whirl / Ceramic / 2022

This ceramic sculpture is inspired by the cosmic intensity of galaxies and the vast spaces they fill up. A few techniques used in this sculpture are the coil building technique to create the circular shapes and the majolica technique used to create the desired colors within the sculpture.

Shamsa Juma (UAE)

Al Salam Alaikum / Ceramic Stoneware / 2023

Al salam Alaikum, Arabic letters.

Shereen Shalhoub (Jordan)

Imperfectly Perfect / Ceramic / 2018

The concept behind this installation was inspired by Colette Miller's Global Angel Wings Project created in 2012, as a reminder to humanity that we are the “Angels of this Earth”. This installation brings forth our disguised imperfections. It stems from the overexposure to the most perfect version of oneself. It is a representation of the beauty of imperfection.  We are mostly exposed to the most perfect form of wings when in fact, birds naturally morph their beautiful wings through a range of shapes of different angles, twists and asymmetries. We often choose to expose only the most beautiful version, often disguising our own metamorphosis which holds us back from accepting our natural process of change and progression.  In this installation, I used slip* to create the feathers which are attached by a very elastic fishing wire that allows the installation to change form.

Tahreer Ahmad Alkaisy (Iraq)

Pottery / 2018

Throughout my art journey for the past 30 years of my life I developed unique pottery designs with my special colors and glazing, dealing with different art works and trials with kiln temperatures to achieve the most desired outcomes. Those vases come with a unique blend of colors for the satisfaction of the viewers.

Valerie Vincent (France)

Coalition / Porcelain & Stoneware / 2022 - 2023

Together we can change the curve of climate change. With this latest series of sculptures, I plead for our oceans, producers of almost all the oxygen we breathe, and more particularly for the corals that protect our coasts and underwater biodiversity.

Valerie Vincent and Karine Legay (France)

Allegory / Stoneware / 2023

"ALLEGORY" is a tribute to Lebanon which is entering its fourth year of a crippling economic crisis with disastrous consequences for 80% of its population. Like this cedar that crosses a wall to find light, the Lebanese people do the impossible to survive.

Amani Badur (Sudan)

QBOOL / Sculpture Ceramics, Pottery / 2023

The Topography of the land shows what this land has been exposed to, the tree lines shows the age of that tree, as humans we are also exposed to so many painful experiences and situations that can reshape us, and we usually change after each experience we go through. Sometimes our souls can’t return to the way it was before that experience. Many times these shocks can make us stronger and more solid, the experiences reformulate our decisions and make us wiser.

For most of us going through tough experiences can be hard but the most difficult part is the acceptance. I feel that we have to accept the beauty in reformulating our soul, we need to be satisfied with our current selves so we can continue our life.

These three vases are my personal expression of contentment and my complete acceptance of the harshness of life. The name of this group of vases is Qbool, which means acceptance in Arabic.