House 22

Photography House


Noora Alneyadi (UAE)
Camel Sea / Fine Art Printed Photographs / 2022

Extremely rare recent photographs of Guelta d’Archei lake that was taken in 2022. After an expedition exploring Aouzou region between Chad & Libya. The time of shooting, danger, life threatening events & finally the elevated scale this set of photographs were taken from is what makes them so valuable. After all, it's not an ordinary waterhole.

Shoug Abdulla (UAE) 
DOMESTIC PPE II / Archival Pigment Print / 2021

Influenced by current social events at the time, and as a continuation of the first Domestic PPE series. This series was created by the request of the UAE’s Ministry of Culture & Youth for the front cover of the ministry’s research publication, titled “UAE’s Cultural and Creative Industries Pulse Check: Ministry of Culture & Youth Resilience & Recovery during the pandemic.”

Waleed Al Madani (Syria)
Living in the afterlife / Digital Print on Fine Art Paper / 2022

Industrial spaces in the UAE carry a beauty I can’t explain, a complete functioning contrast to the city. Mesmerized by people’s daily achievements to somehow create an equilibrium that thrives in these spaces, looking like beehives surrounded by hard working men and automotive graveyard shipping containers. This is a glimpse of Sharjah Industrial Zone 3, seeking to capture an answer for my attraction.

Zayed Ebrahim Alhaddar (UAE)
Flames / Photography / 2022

The strength of a woman's soul.

Girl With Tasa / Photography / 2021

Culture always changes yet tradition is forever.

Mohamed Almaazmi supported by MBRSC (UAE)
Nebula / Astrophotography / 2022

The Horse head Nebula through my telescope and dedicated astronomy camera captured from UAE.