House 28

Digital Arts House


Orkhan Mohammed (Azerbaijan)
RELIC / New Media Art / 2022

Orkhan Mammadov, a contemporary artist, reinvents traditional Middle Eastern carpet designs by combining machine learning and artificial intelligence with his own heritage and historical sources. By using GAN algorithms, Mammadov explores the visual similarities of carpet patterns and produces unique yet familiar designs through a collaboration between artist and machine. Through his art, Mammadov blurs the lines between fine art and crafts and transforms the way we understand culture and its evolution through societal changes. The physicality of the screens and technology is further emphasized by the tangled wires that reveal the mechanisms of the art and evoke the authenticity of real carpets. 'Relic' proposes alternative futures, bridging the old and the new to create a new age of multiculturalism across technology.

Collective: Saeed Almadani and Ahmad Alattar (UAE) 
Undulation / Mixed Media / 2023

The work explores notions of identity in the age of technological and mechanical abundance. The artists have created a kinetic, auditory installation that merge art and robotics to activate a space through sound, movement and visual elements using a system comprising of an array of electromagnetic solenoids.

Vedika Kushalappa (India)
Flux / Digital Painting and Photography / 2022

Technology will continue to alter our world's mesh. With the digital space becoming unignorable, our lines of what is truly 'natural' is blurred. The materials are deconstructed and separated into new works exploring the materiality of digital technology as a tool of creation. Encouraging viewers to think about the relationship between humans, nature, and technology, and the potential for symbiosis, through speculating the visual language between the natural with the technological.

Ace Al Mansoori (UAE) 
Golden Moments / Digital Art / 2023

I’ve thought about a few moments that get captured as a golden moment. The pretty, the sad and the mad.

Ahmed Al Ali (UAE)

An Artist’s Battle Field / Digital Art / 2019

Sometimes when artists start a new project (especially under a tight deadline), their minds tend to storm many ideas in so little time. This artwork represents the state of mind that I get into once I use the maximum capacity of all the skills I have. Each skill can be seen as a little version of the artist.

Patrick Litchy (UAE)

Techspressionist Still Life: (Computers Dreaming of Computers) / AI Imaging/jacquard Weaving / 2023

Techspressionist Still Life: (Computers Dreaming of Computers) was created with the Midjourney AI platform after over 1000 regenerations using the theme, "Computers Dreaming of Computers,"and then created using digital Jacquard weaving techniques, Jacquard weaving being the first digital output invented in 1804. With the coming of AI, are humans collaborating with artificial artists, or are humans helping computers dream of themselves?

Reem Al Mazrouei (UAE)

Our Own Light / Digital Art / 2023

We often seek light, not knowing ourselves & the shine with us. Our realm is often a result of our thoughts; the light we strive for might be so close to us that we may have missed it. The more relative its, the further we look.

Dalia Omran (Egypt)

ID, EGO, SUPER-EGO / Digital Mixed Media - Animation / 2021

“ID, EGO, SUPER-EGO” is a personalized, self-reflecting triptych-like set that is formed through the understanding of surrealism and Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theory of the mind. Each one of the three compositions contain an animation that is previewed through Augmented Reality (Artivive), or through a QR code for each piece to view the animations created. The concept behind the set were influenced by three surreal artists (Dali, Khalo, Magritte), Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis, and the meaning behind the subconscious mind.

Soheil Hosseini (Iran)

Decentralized I, EWFW I, EWFW II, Mesmerized III, Mesmerized IV, MRIZ I, RSTR II, RSTR III, RSTR IV, RSTR V / AI + digital painting / 2022 - 2023

The collection of works focuses on a series of bird-like creatures that traverse the boundaries of real and unreal. I have always been fascinated by the “unreal” and the link between what is real and what that could potentially be. These imaginary birds have rich, colorful plumage and beguiling eyes that appear human-like with their glowing reflections, which reflect on human characteristics and emotions such as anger, happiness and thinking.

Rashed Almazrouei  (UAE)

Eid Morning / AI Generated Image / 2023

A series of orally conveyed descriptions shape the Emirati identity, passed down across generations. The visual aspects of our past and ancestors’ identity are merely a figment of our imagination based on poetry and storytelling. Trained on various visual depictions of Emiratis, this Al-generated work projects the future of this unique personal & social identity.

Momenti  (South Korea)

Momenti challenges the status quo. Media format has been the same for the last centuries. Only the appearance has changed, but the essence is still at the same primitive stage. Therefore, content today is always flat and static, resulting in less engagement and content apathy. Momenti is a content platform that enables interactive content that you can touch and engage with. By breaking the 4th wall for any digital content, it creates visceral and deeper emotional engagements. Our media isn't bound by linear time or single outcome, as it is truly 5 dimensions. Join to create your content by a new standard of digital content, a new media format, GIV.


Bazaart is an online gallery for creative artists to share their unique work with society. In a time of increased automation, two young Emirati entrepreneurs realized the need to connect creative humans with the digital community. They combined their thoughts into one app that will bridge the gap between the convenient online experience and the physical experience of visiting galleries. With a click of a button, buyers can browse the available pieces and featured artists, communicate with them, and purchase what suits their needs.

Bazaart will have the opportunity to showcase their app in the Digital Art House throughout the 10 days duration of the festival.