House 29

Talli House


Sara Alkhayyal (UAE)
Textile Tales - Talli Currency / Process work / 2022

A documentation project of the UAE’s oral history of females through pattern design: A visual documentation of unheard stories of the UAE and how Emirati females found strength, that are represented in pattern and motifs using textile with an exploration of breaking the traditional jalabiyah form. This project focuses on connecting the younger generation with stories they might have not heard in hopes of making them want to uncover more of their culture and stories in their own households.

Hajer Altenaiji (UAE) 
Thoub Khediya / Mixed Media (Water hyacinths, natural wool, Telli threads & pearls) / 2023

The tapestry design depicts the artist's interpretation of her mother's traditional Emirati Thoub in heaven. She worked with artisans in UAE and Nigeria to empower women as a social cause and tribute, commemorating the memory of the passing of her mother when was a young girl.

Collective: Feryal Al Bastaki and Munira Almulla (UAE)
The O-Collection - Sikka Edition / Furniture Installation / 2023

A furniture installation that seeks to showcase the amalgamation of contemporary furniture design and the traditional handicraft of Talli and Khoos. It features the O-Piece which is a multi-functional object that acts as a valet stand, a coat rack and a seat. The upholstered pastel-colored seats have been hand-embroidered in colorful Talli and silver threads using local handicraft methods in collaboration with the renowned Emirati artist, Feryal Al Bastaki.

NAFS Culture by Noora Taher
“Van Gogh” Thoub / Cloth / 2021

Influenced by Van Goh’s unique style and the Bu Tilla’s unmistakable dotted pattern, the tali replaced the brush and canvas turned into silk. The talli used in this piece took over a month to craft by my grandmother, her gift was the centerpiece of the thoub.

Talli Artisan’s Setup

Celebrating Al Talli’s inscription in UNESCO’s intangible heritage list, house 29 will pay tribute to this rich craft through art showcases and live demonstrations.  The house will showcase live demonstrations by talli artisans that will allow the visitors to see how it is meticulously made by hand.  Visitors will also be able to participate in workshops to learn more about the craft.

Special Edition Mirzam chocolate wrapper

To continue celebrating Al Talli’s inscription in the UNESCO’s heritage list, SIKKA Platform commissioned Emirati Artist Sara Al Khayyal to produce a limited-edition chocolate wrapper in collaboration with Mirzam. Inspired by her project “Textile Tales - Talli Currency” the design is based on stories that reflected the importance of the craft of talli for females. Talli was the earliest form of entrepreneurship for females in the UAE and continues to be an inspiration for the new generation of creatives.