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artists showcase

Alexis Javero (Philippines)

Wires / Pillow Fabric and Stuffing Black Thread

In my studies to define the relationship between purely intangible experiences and their physical expressions, Wires explores the language of embroidery to detail the surreal and incorporeal nature of dreams and dreaming. The artwork incorporates the fabric and stuffing of a pillow, which serves as a material conduit for the event, and depicts the narrative in the intimate format of a book, or a diary. The condensed hieroglyphics created from the intersecting threads and knots encapsulate the cryptic and vague detail of the occurring events within the experience, and their tangled appearance mirrors the wires, as alluded to within the dream.

Rabila Kidwai (Pakistan)

The Waiting Place / Mixed Medium

They have walked into many strange living rooms, spotted a couch, and rushed to confine themselves in it, hoping to occupy less space, to become invisible. The guests now host, just keep waiting. My work addresses issues of space, family, belonging, class, and urbanism. It evokes the teeming familiarity of cramped living situations, all the while interrogating the view of “the one who draws”. The Waiting Place is an exploration of an oddly compelling kind of ethnographic distance.

Mariam Al Hemeiri (UAE)

Godee Ya Nar, Sabah Elchihal Flain, Alaich Bl Vick’s / Oil on Canvas

A series of 4 and on-going paintings that mainly revolves around memories and heritage. It is portrayed through a collection of memories, and the objects it revolves around. My current work addresses modern objects that have no link to the past but are a link to my personal memory, and somehow displayed in an advertising form.

Ammar Albanna (UAE)

Nostalgic Dinners / Fresh Harvest / Proud Stance / The Bright Future /

Three Musketeers and the Burj / Meditative Breakfast / Set in Fluorescent Stone /

A Palm Tree Bond / In the wind’s path / Accidental Aurora / All Aligned

Printed Photographs

Film photographs capturing everyday life with a nostalgic and analogue approach. Each photo is a story of me and my day-to-day life. Architecture, people, the daily routine; they are all shots taken as I drive around exploring with a 35mm and medium format, both always stocked and ready to shoot.

Fatima Abdulrahman (UAE)

Foto Flash – Where There is no Goodbye / Photography

FOTO Flash was established by my uncle in 1984 and has lived through the changes of time till today. Sadly, it already shut down as my uncle who has started his passion and lived all his years through it, passed away.

This project is a tribute to my late beloved uncle. To showcase all the details in his studio, and how he kept almost everything in their unchanged from the 80’s. Spending all his time, day in and day out in the studio, picture how time has stopped for him like stepping into a time capsule. How he felt every time he was there, back to a specific point in time, reliving instants of pride and capturing happy moments in life. By showcasing a timeline of his moments in FOTO Flash through a collection of pictures taken by me using a vintage film camera. For this project, I have learned to take pictures using a film camera, because that is how my uncle started his passion in photography back in the 60’s. I will portray his life’s journey through the eyes of his beloved sanctuary (FOTO Flash), the interior, equipment, jackets, etc. which have aged with the shop for over 30 years. The pictures will portray everything in sequence, from entering the studio to moving up the stairs, to the window overlooking the streets of Deira next to his desk.

I want to show that no matter how much time passes, and no matter how circumstances change around you, if you have something you love so dearly and you are passionate about; then that is your source of gratification and happiness. This project will show that through love all shall be captured in beautiful and lively colors no matter what or who it is.

My uncle was the reason behind my love for photography and capturing these precious moments, which is why I feel it is my purpose to eternalize him and his legacy through pictures. He showed me that with a single picture you can go back to a moment in time and a memory in mind where there is no goodbye.

“This is not a goodbye FOTO Flash; this is to say that you are forever in my heart.”


Fatma Almeheiri (UAE)

Old is Gold / Digital Art

United Arab Emirates Postage Stamps

The series of postage stamps show the true essence of the United Arab Emirates. They are inspired by Emirati culture and heritage, for example the " Burqa " is a face cover that has been used by our ancestors in the past

A Journey Through Time

The poster shows a series of photos compiled which shows me reconnecting with my roots and appreciating my culture. My culture is a main source of inspiration and has taught me a lot and shaped me as an individual significantly.

Self Portrait

The self-portrait shows a picture of myself in the middle and pictures of my favorite places as well as the things I love most. Nature inspires me and gives me a sense of peace which is why it is placed twice, the desert and the beach, these places remind me to be grounded and gives me the ability to look at things clearly and from another perspective. The white lines that are moving in an upward direction signify hope and excitement for the future. Lastly, the postage stamp on the far left tells the viewer which year this was made as well as where I am from.

Mouza Alhamrani (UAE)

MA7MOOM / Video Projection / Immersive Installation

You’re a 12-year-old child who has been sent to sleep with a fever. You’re sweaty, uncomfortable, you keep tossing and turning all night and wake up after the most vivid unexplainable set of imagery that your subconscious stitched together under some sort of influence. It was probably the antihistamines paired with some stories you heard of Yaathum. Ma7mooom is but a small visualization of that feeling, made by an adult who now views these fever dreams as an amusing source of their creative process.

Taqwa Alnaqbi (UAE)

The Maroon Dress / The Yellow Dress / The Purple Dress / Handmade Paper with Stitch

The Pink Dress / Screen Printing

My Grandmother's Drawings Key / Screen Printing with Handwriting

In this artwork I’m celebrating my grandmother's illustrations and her clothes. Since my grandmother don't know how to read and write, I made her different sheets of handmade papers made from her clothes and stitched some of her illustrations on them. The older date palms have achieved the fullness of life while overseeing the intermingled array of young saplings as a community; and pine for the generation to prosper without human interference. This is the ancient trees’ promise to their descendants of a multitude of forests all over the world.

Noura Al Neyadi (UAE)

Mukhaweer Story Box خياييط المخاوير / Art Installation

An art installation that showcases stories of tailors that make ladies local dresses. In the hope to shed light to their elegantly accurate work of always carrying out Mukhaweer (local ladies dresses). However not many know their stories about how dedicated they are and the craft of tailoring and hand embroidery that they pass from one generation to another. This installation aims to invite the community to appreciate those artists and learn more about Mukhaweer.