House 31


Wedad Salem Al Kindi (UAE) 
Loved by man and land / Burning on wood / 2022

The inspiration of this work comes from the intimate relationship that binds us with this blessed tree, and it is one of the heritage of the Emirates, and it has been linked to us since ancient times and provided food, clothing, housing, and even tools for work. It took 320 hours to achieve this work which is equivalent to two months of continuous work.

Sara Alkhayyal (UAE) 
AlNakhla / Art Piece / 2023

“AlNakhla” is a jalabiya that represents the importance of the palm tree to the UAE, showcasing both the palm tree and its dates using graphic design to research, execute and present the concept.  The simplistic form of the tree and bold vertical lines in the pattern represents stability and strength while the background of the pattern shows the transformation of the dates’ color throughout its growth period. It follows a new approach of Jalabiya creations, with grid breaking application of the embroidery.

Moza Al Falasi (UAE)
Tasbih / Photography - Mixed Media / 2022

Tasbih is a mixed-media series, I portray the emotions we feel when faced by painful experiences and loss and project them on mundane objects, such as date seeds. The artwork shows the seeds in an amplified outcome bigger than their normal size in order to convey the state of sacredness due to the emotions projected on them.

Mihyun Kim (South Korea)
Mother; nature / Installation / Mix materials on Hanji (painting part) / 2023

The artist expresses indirectly the loss experienced by the death of a mother, and her own identity of 'mother' by crossing lines, nature, and everyday objects. The installation portrays the amount of void that a mother’s absence can create in life. The artist hopes that a little comfort will be conveyed to those who have experienced the mother’s absence.

Melika Shahin (Iran)
Shahin / Installation (oil on canvas, acrylic on clay) / 2022

The desert seems almost like a place for those who have failed to belong anywhere, to retreat to. ‘Shahin’ draws parallels between a blanket and the desert sand dunes, exploring the intersection between comfort, heritage, belonging, and escapism. Revealed from underneath, ‘Zendegi ya’ani’ is a commentary on spiritual escape and an inward search for meaning.

Balqees Sabir (UAE)
Rooted to this Land / Sculpture / 2021

My Creative Practices focuses on the relation between human and the land which combines simplicity and complication. All sculptures are made of buff clay that is high fired and semi glazed, each work is handmade, unique and focuses on the Identity & the concept of being rooted to the land & the culture.  Thorough the variates of shapes and sizes I emphasize on producing organic results that come naturally to produce a unique work which reflects the uniqueness of human being and the fact that each human has their own finger print in life… The spikes portray the human’s individuality and emphasize on the uniqueness and the feelings anyone could get when meeting someone new… which can be comforting or disturbing from the first look. It also focuses on how rooted a person can be through the different sizes and shapes of spikes. the spikes can support the piece to be rooted when pushed into the sand.

Areen (Palestine)
Rugs / Silkscreen printing, unravelling and hand embroidery on fabrics / 2019

Series of rugs installation that reflect a vision of communication with true meaning and enduring values: the aim is to inspire the audience to communicate the message of love to others. The carpets incorporate Islamic, floral, geometric and calligraphy motifs incorporated into abstract motifs. In the design of the rugs, there are encounters between materials, colors and formations that allow the observation of the roots versus what is contemporary in relation to the sources of Islamic art belief.

Shamsa Al Omaira (UAE)
Where are you now? / Wood, rug, rope, acrylic / 2023

Is loneliness felt in the spaces that were once so full of people? Or do we project our own emotions into any space? Two contradicting feelings lead to the creation of this work; heaviness and emptiness. Using thread, rug, and wood panels, I formed my own language.

Collective: Fatima Albudoor and Mohammed Almarri (UAE)
Above the Clouds / Screenprint on found boat sail, hangers, single-channel video / 2020-2023

Birds migrate to the UAE in winter for warmth and to feed on native fish, adapting to survive. Some birds' feathers darken due to the warm environment. At the end of the season, they fly in flocks, finding wind currents to return home. Similarly, people adapt and change when migrating to new lands. Observing other beings, we realize we are not that different from each other. Feel free to enter the space and fly above the clouds with the hanging paper birds. The walls are adorned with found boat sails screen printed with photos of traveling birds.

Neda Salmaanpour (Iran)
Untitled / Sculpture / 2023

This piece takes inspiration from the winding shapes present in both the natural and cultural surroundings of the city. Through its exploration of the interplay between the gentle motion of sand and the fragile equilibrium that characterizes our relationship with the environment and the natural world.

Collective: Saif Saud Alreyami, Hamad Aljasmi and Mohamed Ahmed Aldhanhani (UAE)
Harmony and Contrast / Conceptual Photography / 2023

Personalities varies according to passion, interests, and the impact of the circumstances that individuals goes through. Perhaps the surrounding environment is the most suitable support for the individual to follow his dreams, or to live in an environment where he is forced to conceal his creativity and ambitions. Do you have the courage to live an honest life as you want instead of the life others expected of you?