House 36

Photography House

"Thekraytna: Down Memory Lane", is a group art exhibition takes place in House 36 of Al Fahidi district. The exhibition features the works of 3 regional artists who explore nostalgia and memories and how it impacts and shape us as people today. Nostalgia is a big global theme, and it presents a great opportunity for regional artists to explore it.

The exhibition features work by the following proposed 3 emerging artists: Yara Ayoob from Bahrain, Hamdan Al Shamsi from the UAE, and Hamda Salim from Oman. The exhibition will feature installations that take over the room, offer an Instagram-worthy moments for visitors, and will focus on being visually attractive.


Yara Ayoob (Bahrain)
"Wa Traimboh" / Installation / 2023

"Wa Traimboh" is an evolved pronunciation of the words "White Rainbow" in English. This ceremony takes place the night before a wedding and was always the event I would look forward to most when my family members and loved ones got married. I can confidently say that it triggers the feeling of nostalgia in almost every Bahraini. The installation allows visitors to experience this celebration that is a unique part of Bahraini culture.

Hamda Salim (Oman) 
Untitled / Installation / 2023

The installation sheds a light on old homes and memories of people in their childhood. A small child wandering around the place as a memory of the main character in the video. Photos hung in the room depict memories shared by audience members when asked to associate certain places with memories.

Hamdan Al Shamsi (UAE)
Untitled / Installation / 2023

The installation explores the concept of nostalgia through the hanging of collage pieces of glitched photos from family album along with collage and mixed media. It provides a sensory experience through the provision of various nostalgia items such as cassette tapes, cassette player / radio, and old magazines.