House 38


Fatima Jawad (Bahrain) 
Bent but not broken / Paper and wire / 2023

“Bent but not broken” reviews a personal experience highlighting aspects like strength, transformation, restriction, and transparency. I chose scoliosis to bring this particular awareness to body image and to health in general, plus to encourage people to be more open about deep experiences. Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine and each person with scoliosis has it in a different way, as in some cases it is life threatening.

Maryam Al Huraiz  (UAE) 
Stranger / Embroidery on photo paper / 2023

This series is a self-exploration of my life journey and how I have evolved to become who I have become today. It shows the different journeys I have explored throughout my life through the embroidery of red stitching. This series presents the good journeys and the bad journeys of my life journey.

Comfortable / Plastic, metal, foam / 2023

These sculptures are made up of a kid's playground. This sculpture revolves around the concept of memories. These sculptures at first hold a shock factor to see something so whimsical and innocent marred by nails and red paint. I wanted to disfigure the sculptures so that they look dangerous, yet when touching and interacting with them they don't seem as dangerous as they can be. This sculpture is a representation of lost youth, innocence and nostalgia, and the overall state of childhood that we cannot return to.

Maitha Al Omaira (UAE)
In a Moment of Stillness, Nature Never Stills / Cyanotype on plaster, cyanotype on paper, collected leaves / 2023

The series of cyanotypes investigates nature's ephemeral quality by observing 'still' moments. These still moments that exist beyond the barriers of time evidently reflect our ever-changing surroundings. I attempt to reflect life's inevitability by fragmenting time using fallen leaves, sunlight, and shadows.

Rodha Al-Mazrouei (UAE)
Embodiment III / Plexiglass on oil-based ink, Burlap Fabric on oil-based ink, Resin, and copper plate / 2022-2023

This work conveys a conversation between the soul mind and body thus creating a different narrative between each individual.

Alzaina Ahmad Lootah (UAE)
Motion in space / Art Installation / version 01: 2019 – version 02: 2023

The art installation expresses the relationship of the living body to space that deeply connects to the 3-dimensional space. The installation looks into the interchanging of environment and how it could possibly respond. In version 1 of the installation, it expressed the living body through a plain/vacuum site, isolated from reality, hence the white masses and the plain surroundings. In version 2, it addresses the object in a desert condition, and how it responds to the environment.

Collective: Yousif Alqassab, Sultan Ssaleh, Nasser Alnuaimi, Abdulla Almoosawi (UAE)
Frustrated Dreamers / combination of images and an interactive display / 2023

This artwork was inspired by a discussion between the artists responsible for it, who excelled in different fields but noticed that they had one thing in common, which is the frustrating words they were exposed to from their surroundings. This artwork is a combination of conceptual images and an interactive art show that discusses the topic of verbal bullying as a joke and how it can be an obstacle to their dreams, achievements, and talents.

Mariam Alkatheeri (UAE)
Belief Battle / Fabric / 2020

This piece represents the release of some unnecessary toxic traits, beliefs and labels that was created by us but doesn’t serve the self anymore.