house 9

back to roots by the emirates jewelers

Embark on a self-guided journey through time, view jewellery in various adaptations, experience the true essence of the artists within an interactive installation.

Connecting the common elements between us as Emirati and UAE based jewellery designers and artists, house 9 will feature an exhibition, series of workshops and talks within our creatives majlis and cafe. The group is dedicated to promoting and establishing Emirati and UAE based professionals in the jewellery industry.


Amna AlFalasi (UAE)

Peace Sculpture / Bronze

The sculpture symbolizes peace, hope, diversity, Union, acceptance, protection, continuity, and empowerment. The sculpture message is that with teamwork and collaboration, great things can be achieved in life. It is a resilient symbol that anchors the mission to bring people together to find effective solutions to overcome obstacles and find peace. The open hands of the sculpture symbolizes acceptance, support and blessings. The world map on the sculpture symbolizes the Union of different communities. The sculpture reinforces the spirit of the UAE in its pioneering efforts to consolidate brotherly ties and spread peace.

Dr Abeer Awadh (UAE)

Serenity / Pendant

Serenity Collection:

The Inspiration for the collection came from intertwined thoughts and feelings. Dr. Abeer’s was inspired from Quranic verse “والليل اذا سجى”, translating to “the stillness and darknesses of night”, which according to the designer is the perfect moment to connect with yourself and God; resulting in one being free from all inner obstacles and reach the peace and freedom they desire. Her other inspiration was her own acrylic painting which captures the moment of serenity the designer seeks. The night-sky is represented by onyx stones in two of the collection’s pieces of collection and by lapis lazuli in another. The moon is represented by the mother of pearl. The girl who’s enjoying the moment with a peaceful mind and has reached her inner piece shining inside-out is represented by gold with a heart made of diamonds. The little girl represents our free souls the moment they find peace and serenity.

Fatma Almheiri (UAE)

Wind Collection (India Edition) / 18k gold, Diamond & Gemstones

Wind collection represent the freedom flexibility power and beauty, where the wind roaming the globe without boundary.

We will travel with the wind from country to another and our first destination is India (we sneak through jali holes to explore the beauty of old Mughal architecture).

Hessah Al Falahi (UAE)

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Photo Pendant / Engraved Photo in White Topaz Stone

Engraved photo of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed, in White Topaz stone surrounded by Si-Vs diamonds. The pendant has 10 grams of 18K gold.

Houreya Alshaer (UAE)

Cabochon Jewellery / 18k gold, Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Emerald, Diamonds, Lapis Lazuli

Houreya presents designs inspired by Emirati culture and its elements with a modern touch.The collection aims to spread the culture of the United Arab Emirates through modern jewellery, each piece has a special story and a special identity. The brand was named cabochon after one of the unique types of stones used in the jewelry world.

Qinwan/ This collection was inspired by the palm tree, and specifically from date stems, which is known locally as (Al-Nabat). Beautiful details prominent on the surface of the piece represent clusters of pollen to give life to this piece . This necklace is crafted in 18 karat yellow gold with exquisite emerald stones

Noura Alserkal (UAE)

Al Nada / Product

Alnada is an Arabic word that means dew in English. It is the water droplets that form from humidity and perspiration. These jewellery pieces were made by hand using the dew form as an inspiration to connect the droplets together thus forming a wearable art pieces that can be worn on the body.

Anatomy of a carpet / Installation

An earring back or some might call a butterfly back, usually sits on the back of the ear holding the earring in place. Without the earring back, the earring would fall. The Artist began questioning the importance of the earring back and the role it plays. Through using this material, the artist brings the earring back to the forefront of the conversation, examining the importance of it to the viewer. An earring back is very much like woman in society, they support and care even though they aren’t in the forefront. Through this artwork, the artist celebrates woman and looks into ways they have come together to form meaning and value within society.

Noura Sarraj (Syria)

Etlala / Jewellery using 18k Gold, Diamonds, Stones like Mother of Pearl and Grey Mother of Pearl

Etlala is a collection inspired by the sunset. It is very versatile as it can be worn in multiple ways. It embodies everything that represents elegance, power in being feminine and class. It is made of 18k gold and comes in two stone colors, mother of pearl and grey mother of pearl. The collection also comes with two style earrings and two style bracelets and a ring. The overall collection has 4 sizes, grande, large, medium and mini. Available in rose, yellow, and white gold.

Shamma Alfalasi (UAE)

YadoTheSpiritGuide / Gold, Diamond and Gemstones

Yado, the basic and essential character in our life and upbringing, through which we lived the details of our history, heritage, customs and traditions. Grandma was the familiar face of the burqa in our area. Our relationship with her was special, beautiful and solid. Many of our generation lived to hear her stories and tales , as we used to hear in its home proverbs and poetic verses in a local dialect that has become forgotten.

This collection is a tribute, appreciation and memorial to our grandmothers, as we have known them from strong, humble, wise and rooted personalities, who bring joy and happiness in our hearts with their love and kindness. This collection was designed as unique pieces of art to accompany us always and always.

Shaikha Alserkal (UAE)

Transition / Product Design

Based on a traditional Emirati jewellery piece of the same name, the Bushouk from the Transition collection is a white rhodium-plated, 18K yellow gold bangle features surrounding triangular filigree cut-out, inlayed mother-of-pearl spikes and a centre opening clasp with white pearls.

Brilliance is the Color Yellow / Installation Glasswork

Colored glass of different shades are handcut and assembled in the form of gem facets. Brilliance is the color yellow, forming from the neutral color of light, its warmth and brightness in its many shades reflect the angles of a gem stone cut, embarking the viewer into the realm of facets.

Thekra Alkaabi (UAE)

Alsough / الصوغ / 21k Gold, Mother of Pearl

This jewelry collection incorporates elegant vintage jewelry details through our Emirati heritage and the environment in which the designer lives.

Warda Aljneibi (UAE)

The Harp Collection / Product Design

Silver jewellery inspired by the Assyrian arts.

Featured harp inspired pendants depicting the musical instruments of the period, finely detailed narrative relief sculpture in stone or alabaster - found mainly in the royal palaces - depicting most hunting episodes and military affairs. Animal forms, of horses and lions, are magnificently represented in some detail.


Zahrah Almarar (UAE)

The Deco Pendant / 18k Gold, Coral, Onex, Mother of Pearl and Diamonds

The Deco Collection consist of many detailed designs of high end jewellery. Along with the designer’s senior research, this collection was born to reflect a hybrid between Art Deco Jewellery aligned with minimalism to create detailed classic jewellery designs. This collection had a vast impact on Zahrah Jewellery rebranding, where the logo adapted the feel of the ribbon folds that was inspired by the 1925 jewellery designs.