House 9

Bait Al Film


Joe Najm (Canada - Lebanon)
The Musical Canvas: Handmade Harmony / Audio Visual Interactive Installation

"The Musical Canvas: Handmade Harmony" is an interactive sound installation that invites participants to explore their inner musician using hand gestures. With projected visualizations, the room immerses participants in a captivating audiovisual experience. This installation fosters creativity and collaboration, enabling participants to connect with music in an accessible way.

Diane Farah (Canada - Lebanon) 
Scenes from a Memory / Video Installation, AI Art/ 2023

Our memories are not always faithful to reality. When we remember events, we remember versions of past realities that can be affected by many outside factors such as our age and emotional state when the event occurred, and even our subsequent recollections of the event itself. Our memories are woven together like a tapestry of recollections as well as fabrications of real and imagined happenings

This voyage through a young girl’s memory of a 6th birthday takes us through both real and simulated versions of a mind’s recollection of events

Creative Concept - Diane Farah
AI Specialist - Ammar Salem


Raghad Odeh (Jordan)
What Are You Afraid Of? / Animated Film / 2020

(What Are You Afraid Of?) Is an animated short created by a team of ambitious Arab artists with a passion for moving images.

Noor's imagination is making things scarier than what they really are. Nonetheless, the fear is still real to the six-year-old child. Noor must walk through the darkness to rescue her friend from the clutches of the darkness monster. Wielding her glowing sward she walks in deeper and deeper to face the beast.

Khawla Almheiri (UAE)
A Warm Home / Animated Film / 2021

A Warm Home is a short animation film that surrounds the lives of 3 little white rabbits. It is a fairytale in one aspect, but like all fairytales, there is a lesson to be learnt in the narrative. The 3 white rabbits struggle to secure and contain the mysterious haunted painting’s antics. They must keep its candle lit at all times lest they lose the warmth of their home. However, a choice must be made: the warmth of a shelter that terrorizes you, or the cold that frees you.

Latifa Alhassan (UAE) 
The Labyrinth / Animated Film / 2022

The Labyrinth focuses on the portrayal of mental health as a physical space. The story revolves around the main character trying to progress; however the more time they spend in the labyrinth, the harder it becomes to escape.

Mallak Mohammed Almahri (UAE)

Daisy and Lilly / Animated Film / 2022

Daisy and Lily is an animation that shows the story of two little flowers, where one helps the other to overcome her fear and take her to explore the world.

Osha Saif (UAE)

INAYAT / Animated Film / 2022

This particular composition portrays the story of a young girl named Inayat who has faced bullying and discrimination for being multiracial.

Sara Almejaini (UAE)

2/3 Hero / Animated Film / 2022

A short animation set in a world where monsters are everywhere, showing the struggles of a socially anxious Hero.

Sara Almejaini (UAE)

2/3 Hero / Animated Film / 2022

A short animation set in a world where monsters are everywhere, showing the struggles of a socially anxious Hero.

Ministry of Education

Masterpieces program, talent discovery journey is a program established by the Ministry of Education in 2017 that targets gifted students to enhance, develop and nurture their talents in all fields of arts. The program is designed to help students experience learning and acquisition of the culture and values of the United Arab Emirates through a variety of trainings, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and networking activities in various fields of the arts. Students can better understand, develop and use their talents in the best possible way to become art ambassadors for the UAE globally.


Starting and sustaining Film communities

Saturday 25 February 2023 / 5:00-6:00 PM

A discussion to walk through the experience of creating a writing community (Mishka Writers) in UAE. The inspirations, challenges and Lessons will be shared. It’s followed by a networking session in the courtyard.

Facilitator: Rihana Alhashim, Malak Mansoura
Location:  Film Lab Room

Pitch To Greenlight

Saturday 25 February 2023 / 5:00-6:00 PM

In this workshop, participants will learn how to create a comprehensive and compelling pitch deck for various funding bodies, international studios, and networks. The focus will be on understanding what the stakeholders are looking for and how to effectively communicate key information in a succinct and engaging manner. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the lessons learned by adapting them to their own projects and concepts.

Facilitator: Samer Arzouni
Location: Film Lab Room

Film Directing: Building visions

Monday 27 February 2023 / 5:00 PM -6:30 PM

Suitable for emerging filmmakers and those who didn't make their first feature films yet. This workshop will explain basics of filmmaking and how filmmakers create their own visions in their storytelling.

Facilitator: Nawaf Al Janahi 
Location: Film Lab Room

Filmmaker’s Gathering

Tuesday 28 February 2023

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Outside Courtyard

Tips and Tricks’: How to come up with a movie idea (Arabic)

Friday 3 March 2023 / 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

A workshop to help writers and filmmakers navigate their brainstorming and ideation sessions.

Facilitator: Amal Al Duwailah
Location: Film Lab Room

Screenwriting workshop

Saturday 4 March 2023 / 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

A workshop that is curated to help those who need feedback on their writings. There will be a reading session and a feedback session open for questions and conversations.

Facilitator: Sarra’a Abdulaziz
Location: Film Lab Room