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Ahmed Emad AlShabrawy (UAE)

“Mkkan” is an Arabic word means place/cavity /

Works: 3 (1.5x1.5, 1.1x1.1,1.1x1.1) paintings - 2x2 (acrylic boards)

How is that you feel someone’s presence in an empty space? Meaning forges areas or spaces seemingly blank, veiled in complexity, with the emotional burden of people. An area has unique physical and human characteristics interconnected with other places. There is one key component of this spatial setting: a cavity that reciprocates the feelings of an individual. It is a multidimensional construct used to characterize the relationship between people and spatial settings, and a feeling perception held by people. Place Attachment, a people-place relationship concept in environmental psychology, is influenced by individuals and their personal experiences. This type of attachment, and recognition that the place symbolizes one’s social group, is closely aligned with place identity.

A place connects people and gives them a sense of belonging and rootedness. Places contextualize people and allows dynamic, social interactions to be possible. Place affects people and yet can be structured and affected by those living within it, creating a mutually dependent relationship. Understanding what it means to be human is connected to understanding the places/spaces occupied by them. Being purposeful about investing and caring for place becomes an aspect of investing and caring for people. Just by being there. In a corporeal sense, it occurs when the individual is authentically present. Every group leaves a little bit of its collective presence in the center of that circle. When a group goes in there and begins, people will remark that there is something different they feel in this space, even without knowing its history. It feels deeply hospitable. They feel the traces.

Interlude / Mixed Media on Canvas

A physical area that we stand in, remembering what our last collective presence left behind. It is like carrying a piece of the place with you forever also this place does the same with you. You interact differently when you are in this physical territory, distracted a bit.

Deformed Rods with Feelings / Installation

Places differ and we leave behind emotions in every place we’ve been to. If we think about it, we basically initiate feelings for walls, corners, floors, doors and windows. Those feelings stay inside the reinforced concrete and each steel rod that carries the place.

Don’t Show Feelings in Public / Mixed Media on Canvas

The place is asking you to hide your emotions. It responds with the urgent desire to conceal. “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, whispers the space.

Static / Mixed Media on Canvas

The static walls, corners present a blank slate. A ‘tabula rasa’ of the potential to be absorbed.

Alia Aljoker (UAE)

I’m not invisible / Artwork with my Photography 

Visibility is far more than being physically there. Visibility is about feeling your surrounding and being a part of it. Thus, “I am not invisible” is a concept developed to shed light on the people who are considered invisible in the society; people who are not always accepted. They are not invisible.

To showcase my idea, the stand will be covered by translucent paper (colored) this was chosen to reflect the idea that colourfulness is life. On the other two sides of the stand; large scale printout of my photography (consists of two images describing my concept). In those two images, the men on the wheelchair will be the focal point of my artwork, it will be 3D and pointed by using lights.

An interactive setting will be available for people to experience the art piece at its maximum and be a part of it. Through the neon wall/signs where the title of the artwork and other inspiration will be; including pieces of wheelchair hanged on the stand to give them the sense of the art piece and the sense of relating themselves to the story behind the piece.

Khoula Hamad (Brazilian)

Embodiment 3 / Acrylic and Oil Paint on Canvas

Embodiment 4 / Acrylic and Oil Paint on Canvas

Living Room / Lithography Print and Screen Print

Bedroom / Lithography Print and Screen Print

Bathroom / Lithography Print and Screen Print

Embodiment 4 / Digital Photography

Embodiment 5 / Digital Photography

The ephemeral setting of man. Events such as war, social corruption, and political issues have created a state of numbness in human life. Humans are living their lives not knowing what might be faced, restricting their lives to the past and present. The dreams and hopes for a better future and a safer nation are fading away gradually with time. These fragile humans lose themselves in a life of repetitive routine; living day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute - uncertain of what is next or where will they be. My work portrays individuals on earth, and the temporary life they are merely passing through; each working to achieve and perfect their role. Each painting displays a scenario that depicts a soul’s actions through daily life, following the path designed for them to accurately pursue their true potential. In this series, the head is removed to eliminate any kind of restrictions on the human being, extracting the identity. Therefore, without the human’s identity, all man is from planet earth with no belonging.

Ichraq BOUZIDI + Seanna Chambers (Moroccan / British)

Blurry Memory / Textile – Video Projection

Fuzzy, non-verbalized, vulnerable, fragile memories. They get blurred between the pages of the mind. The work is a metaphor to blurry memories and its perception forcing the self to create illusions and document it through series of verbalized recollections. Fragile constructed illusion of a memory through the use a chair and a window made from transparent textile, Installed on the middle of a room. A 3d motion video is projected inside the window as an allegory to recollected memories.

Hala Zamani (UAE)

Solitude / Acrylic and Pouring Medium on Mirror

The concept of solitude is portrayed through these pieces of art, as each mirror allows you to take a moment and stand naked before the mirror, freeing your mind of everything that brings you down and connecting with yourself. Solitude is defined as the state of being alone. But you are never alone in solitude. You are with yourself. With the emotional, mental, physical self. You are with the self that evolves. The self that has so many layers to unfold. In solitude, there is no one to impress. We have the freedom to be authentic. We have the freedom to be ourselves. Solitude can be profoundly transformative. Solitude helps us discover tranquillity and contentment.