pictogram workshop


This Pictogram Workshop will entail designing the bathroom pictograms of Al Fuhaidi district to reflect the culture and essence of the place. Often, such pictograms follow an automatic template, a universal language that is not specific to its geolocation. In this workshop, designers are invited to study the area, delve into its history and create a new pictogram system for the Al Fuhaidi district using tools including paper, tracing papers, graph papers, pencils, and black pens. This workshop is exclusive to design students and graduates. Bonus: the project could come to life! We propose presenting the designs to the management, where a winning design would be selected and used in the space. Perhaps even hire the designer to design the complete pictogram system needed for the historic area.

︎ 16+

︎ Saturday 19th March, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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︎ Free

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