soap making:
scent, spices, color & concepts

Tor Seidel

Multi-Media artist Tor Seidel will introduce soap perceived as a new medium linking one’s individuality and memory at this year's Sikka Art and Design Festival. Participants will be asked to think about how colors and scents are perceived and preferred within the context of art and design. Soap is thus discovered as a new medium that is strongly linked to individuality and memory. This workshop is less about making fancy soaps, and more about soap that incorporates personal memory and experience. Participant should be able to take the soap in their hand after the workshop, and close their eyes to smell it, and thus understand it intuitively.

︎ 18+ years

︎ Saturday 19th, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

︎ Press here for House24

︎ Free

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