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Iris Art Agency seeks to create a hub that focuses on our artists' needs, giving them the opportunity and medium to showcase their work within the UAE and across the globe. In addition, we aim to build an accessible and creative platform for the public, providing exposure to diverse artists and their artwork.

Iris Art Agency works with talented artists' agents that collaborate to enhance the career of visual artists, bringing them new opportunities and expanding their creative and professional horizons. In addition, we work closely with a wide range of artists and creatives who also produce installations, undertake public commissions, and deliver large-scale projects.

Puppetry with The Factory

Initiative by Fairouz Nustas

The Factory is a reflection of where and how puppets with different mediums are made. Using tools, material, and puppets in the making the space is a fun exploration into Puppetry; In addition to showcasing different types of puppets. The visitors will discover the steps of making one from sketches, carving, sewing costumes, colouring and make up etc. and the fun journey of manipulating and putting life into this creation. This working space allows visitors to experience this beautiful craft using tools, brushes, sewing machine and of course they can choose a puppet to play with.

Showcased are puppets which are made with different techniques and mediums (giant, giant masks, human masks, human size puppets, marionettes, cloth puppets, glove puppets, finger puppets. Etc.) as well as the materials and tools used such as wood carving knives, sewing machine, clay tools, cutters, fabrics, sponge, etc. Don’t miss exploring the style of Shadow puppetry with light and shadow using different liquids and colours.

The Animation Chamber

Collective / Lina Younes and Azim Al Ghussein

The Animation Chamber is a collective on a constant quest for story-centered collaborations, which explore narratives while showcasing process. TAC is a space where worlds are created with one eye shut and an index finger as the wand. From puppetry, animation, illustration, comics, to film and performance, TAC’s work is about freezing moments, replaying them, changing scenarios, playing out consequences, and then repeating. Impossible things happen in an instant; objects vanish, come to life, and are set off again. In motion.

  • TAC will be co-curating the Animation line up with Beirut Animated
  • Will be Hosting two animation workshops as part of the overall program
  • Color Experiments in Motion

This work is an experimentation where color and light are used as variables to produce animated images. As the color changes so too does the visibility of the layers, bringing to focus a different scene with every color shift.

Michael Ang - Media / Calligraffiti Artist

Fatima Al Hammadi - Calligraffiti Artist

Tegan Ritz McDuffie - Video Artist

Soultrotter (Philip Rachid) - Hip Hop Beats

Digital Calligraffiti transforms the walls of the city by live projecting calligraphy into the urban space. This street-style performance brings together Michael Ang, Fatima Al Hammadi, Tegan Ritz McDuffie and Soultrotter for a new media fusion of calligraphy, graffiti, video art, and live beats. Digital Calligraffiti was initiated in Berlin by Public Art Lab, Don Stone, Hamza Abu Ayyash, and Michael Ang.

Digital Calligraffiti performance

Michael Ang / Tegan Ritz McDuffie

Digital Calligraffiti transforms the walls of the city into a canvas for expression by live projecting calligraphy into the urban space. This street-style performance will mix handwritten calligraphy, modern typography, and video art to weave a unique story of Al Fahidi. Digital Calligraffiti is a project of Public Art Lab, Don Stone, Hamza Abu Ayyash, Michael Ang, and a worldwide network of calligraffiti artists.

The Hopper Majlis

By Amal Anoohi “Furniture Installation”

The Hopper Majlis is a place of gathering and togetherness. Contrasting the heritage of the Al Fahidi Neighborhood with the modern pieces of Studio Amal Anoohi’s Hopper Collection, the project captures the essence of Dubai’s urbanity today; a city of the future that takes pride in its past.

20m Mural by New Zealand Pavillion's Entertainment and Culture sector (AL seef)

This mural was done from 27th to 31st of January at Expo 2020's Al Forsan Park. This street art activation was presented by the New Zealand Pavillion's Entertainment and Culture sector, which aligned with the theme of Care for People and Place. The 20m wall will be showcased to the public at Al Seef as an extension to Sikka Art and Design festival one more time before it will be shipped back to New Zealand.


Recognizing nostalgia as a powerful mover of emotions we here at FLICK would like to give you a double dose of that, the first being the actual camera itself a way of the past that documents, the second being for future generations to see the tangible proof of this in printed photos and negatives.

What better topic to document than the huge amount of talented arts and culture presented here at SIKKA! Grab a camera, take as many photos as you can, then grab another!

Have fun with it!