Translations of the United Arab Emirates (2023)

Zayed University, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises - UAE

In the fall of 2021, some students studied a subject within murals, and related functions from learning a lot about creating pictorials with traditional and exploratory techniques and trademarks that are later translated into graphic design. Female students were asked to survey their surroundings, so that they could build on them and their experiences as Emirati women. The aim of this course is for the student to master graphic creativity. In addition to practical applications. A recent, realistic photograph of the capital city of a festival.
Re-doing this project, the Architectural Mural at Sikka Art and Design Festival 2023 enables students and designers to see their work in their own environment for the first time.

Associate Professor Stefan Messam

Hessa AlZaabi
Sara AlZaabi
Khawla AlRaessi
Bashayer Nassir
Futaim Altaher
Fatma Al Zarooni
Afra Almheiri

Artists on site:
Hessa Alzaabi
Noora  Alhammadi
Sarah Alzaabi
Hassana Arif
Hessa Alkhanji
Hessa Alattar
Khawla  Alraeesi
Futaim Altaher
Afra Almheiri
Fatma  Alhussaini
Meerah  Almahri
Maiyasa  Saem
Mira Mohammed
Aisha  Alraeesi
Stefan Messam

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