sikka platform


Iris Art Agency seeks to create a hub that focuses on our artists' needs, giving them the opportunity and medium to showcase their work within the UAE and across the globe. In addition, we aim to build an accessible and creative platform for the public, providing exposure to diverse artists and their artwork.

Iris Art Agency works with talented artists' agents that collaborate to enhance the career of visual artists, bringing them new opportunities and expanding their creative and professional horizons. In addition, we work closely with a wide range of artists and creatives who also produce installations, undertake public commissions, and deliver large-scale projects.

Aisha Juma (UAE)

“My Male Nature 2”
Acrylic watercolor, Indian ink on handmade paper

The artwork was done & layered over three months during a meditation retreat in India.

Juma Al Haj (UAE)

“When I Closed My Eyes I Saw 03”
Acrylic, ink on canvas
90 x 90 cm

Derived from spiritual experiences that come from significance texts Juma Al Haj’s work redefines the role of language outside of its functional use. His pieces can be interpreted as a transcendence towards nostalgia or a personal spiritual experience.

Talal Al Najjar (Emirati – American)

Polystyrene foam, cardboard, newspaper, tape, gauze, plaster, acrylic.
76 x 28 x 48 cm

Inspired by the idea of distortions of reality, environments, and the body, Talal Al Najjar’s on going sculptural series resemble anatomical forms such as bones, flesh, organs, alien objects, organic and synthetic material, An uncanny allegory of existence.

Ziad al Najjar (Emirati – American)

Acrylic, oil pastels on canvas
70 x 96.5 cm

Ziad Al Najjar examines and experiments with historical and contemporary applications of marks and motifs in textile, he invites the spectator to exaggerate seeing by focusing on the compositions.


US-based startup

Arhead - Physical platform for creators, business, and social networks. Arhead is an official partner of the Dubai Culture Department for the “City as a gallery” project developed for the city-scale interplay between digital art and people. With more a 10 years’ experience in augmented and virtual realities Arhead become a leading metaverse platform in the region with projects.

“SIkka 2022 virtual space”

Virtual space / Metaverse

Unique virtual space is the first Dubai Culture Metaverse project. Digital space with state-of-the-art architecture includes artwork from local and international artists including Distressed Design, Nevine Meguid, Fatspatrol, Ronen Tanchum and others. Visitors can access Sikka 2022 digital gallery from all around the world via link and explore the proto-metaverse.