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Selma Hughes (USA / Bosnia)

[re]Trace: Translating Vernacular Texture into Contemporary Artifacts / Ceramics

Imbedded strongly within the local heritage, [re]Trace aims to deconstruct vernacular characteristics and apply contemporary language in its execution. Inspired by the textures and patterns found locally, this project aims to reinterpret coral textures in clay objects, leading to fusion of old and new, capturing transparency and depth. Fragments of place, identity and textures are woven together, all to coexist timelessly.

Kim Robertson (British)

Coral Corral / Mixed Media

An installation focused around a main print 7 metres long that flows from wall to floor, fading as it descends. Portholes of plaster line the walls, mimicking the fading of these corals as bleaching takes place. Moveable and stacked pots from Meena, no doubt arrived by sea, house dried palm that replicate the growth and fluidity of corals and give dimension to the work.

Eman Al Rahma (UAE)

Letters Between Now and Then / Printed Vector

A combination of vectorized hand printed letters and abstracted geometry compositions speaking out about the long journey language had gone through and living today, or will be in future, whereas geometric shapes reflect home as where mother language should be first learned and taught.

Anood Kurdi (Saudi Arabia)

Liqaa – لقاء / Mirror, Glass

The theme of Kurdi’s current body of work references the eternal; to the eternity of creation and the beauty of the uninterrupted which parallels the continuous lines of the calligraphic text. Kurdi highlights interpretations of beauty and its relationship to the internal.

Fatima Alketbi (UAE)

Tangible Poems / Posters

The posters are about materials that reflect the Emirati culture formed by poems from my grandmother describing the material itself

Akshay Arora (India)

Boundlessness and Emptiness / Acrylic on Art Paper, Mixed Media on Art Paper, Mixed Media Collage on Art Paper, Acrylic Emulsion and Spray on Raw Canvas

Boundlessness and Emptiness Boundlessness and emptiness. What are the prime attributes of a desert are - interestingly - also the prime attributes of a bustling metropolis. Boundless are the opportunities a metro offers, and emptiness is what is said to result from their mindless pursuit. Ironically, boundlessness and emptiness (or call it "nothingness") are also the prime focus of all spiritual cultures. These are the very terms such cultures associate with their Godhead, their divine reality - the reality that's contemplated to be without form, without quality, without attribute, non-agent. Boundlessness and emptiness indeed! It’s not then difficult to see why the artist aspires to these traits as he paints his city’s (Dubai's) landscapes, cityscapes, and marketplaces.

Mohamed AlJneibi (UAE)

The Ancestral Morals / Recycled Waste – Instructions Material – Acrylic Colors – Palm Bulb 

The idea of this installation revolves around the directing and passing the ancestral knowledge and experiences throughout the generations. The old man offers wisdom and ancestral culture, the long rooted beard resamples the long life and the numerous offspring, these channels are the streams of the inherited knowledge and the human culture that flows and find connections within the present modern mind, the prospective from the palm bulb represents the new generation, sowed and nourished by the hoarded inherited cultural information of the ancestors , which offers and provides the good merits to the next coming descendants.

Solimar Miller (USA)

She Who Speaks with Trees / Textile ink on silk velvet, Silkscreen and Painting

The scene of a floating landscape of a variety of trees with several female silhouettes in a gentle hue, who appear to be reaching for the fruit of the pomegranate trees that have been providing protection and sustenance for millennia. A quiet dialogue between them ensues.

The Promise / Textile ink on silk velvet, Silkscreen and Painting

The older date palms have achieved the fullness of life while overseeing the intermingled array of young saplings as a community; and pine for the generation to prosper without human interference. This is the ancient trees’ promise to their descendants of a multitude of forests all over the world.

Abdulla Alfalasi (UAE)

The People of My Mother’s Garden / Installation

Every night flowers fly around her garden. The trees follow their movement and come alive as well. My mother's garden is so beautiful, but it holds many secrets. Experience a magical journey through an enchanted garden, following a little boy called Plump.

Arwa Alshamsi (UAE)

Planet Dubai / Digital Collage Printed on Stretched Canvas

The three collages will all have the theme of “Planet Dubai”. It will combine pictures of the City of Dubai from the past and present with retro futuristic elements like planets and galaxies.

Kasia Dzikowska (Polish)

Triptch of Fluid Resistance / Laser cut on Painted Paper

Fluid Resistance is an art project that investigates the presence of energy that creates visible disturbances when an object is moved through space. Symbolically, the work represents undercover resistance against the duress that, although accepted by logic, is rejected by our subconscious. It also celebrates the unrecognized undertakings, that are performed by women and gives them a place to shine.

Khawla Almarzooqi (UAE)

Henna / Oil on Canvas

This painting depicts a lady applying henna on her feet and waiting for it to dry. A tradition that was more than beauty but a time for ladies to bond and celebrate together.

Juhayda Albittar (Syria)

HOME / All the paintings are Acrylic on Canvas except for 3 Paintings on Wood

The paintings represent the homeland and the country in which I grew up in Damascus .. and my new beginning in the Emirates (the group represents the nostalgia of the past and the new love in the present), expressing nostalgia for the neighborhood garden and a house that filled me with love between my family in Damascus .. where green represented the color of the garden whose trees, I painted Upside down in one of the paintings is a metaphor for the upheaval of things and changing everything.

Despite my longing for my homeland, Syria.

The Emirates gave me a new hug andtrue love. As for the pink color in all the paintings, it represents the Emirates with a pink future. In one of the paintings, I used the traditional straw fan, as the Emirates immersed me in the beauty of its simple and calm heritage influenced by heritage.

Ayesha Bin Haidar (UAE)

From Gemsa… / Printmaking

Between conscious and intuitive henna symbols, lies our cultural imprint and inseparable memories. “From Gemsa…” is an explorative prints collection of henna transitions, based on the stories of my grandmother. Theoretically, it always started from “gemsa,” semi-full palm coverage, to slowly revealing skin with sophisticated designs, which reflected upon societal and beauty connections through generations.

Alia Damithan & Maitha Damithan (UAE)

The Creative Cycle / Mixed Media (Video x Painting)

The three series of video collage portray our personal creative state of process. The chair displays the concept of pause and where the artist reflects on their thought process. It follows the ongoing cycle of passion and play followed by inspiration and then a period where the artist cannot bring themselves to create. This is shown in reference to the pattern of the plants describing the growth process of an artist. To us, art is a form of growth, perhaps a garden. Sometimes slow, sometimes withered, other times blossoms. But in the end the process is stimulating and by far the most exciting part as we learn to be patient and watch it take its course.

Zayed University College of Arts and Creative Enterprises (UAE)

Student Works from Zayed University / Ceramics, Photography, and Printmaking

The College of Arts and Creative Enterprises is proud to share selected student artworks from the three disciplines of Ceramics, Photography, and Printmaking for this year's SIKKA event.  Each medium provides artists a unique and creative opportunity to explore individual conceptual exploration while sharing their visions with the world.


Amna Ismail Mohamed Almazmi

Hessa Mohammad Jassim Ali Saeed Alzaabi

Alia Imran Saleh Abdullah Saleh Aljasm

Elyazia Ahmed Alfalasi

Hawra Hassan Habib Almansoor

Alia Adnan Abdulrahman Abdulla Sharafi

Maryam Mohammed Eid Bin Turkiah Alfalasi

Maryam Abdulrahman Abdulrahim Ahli

Hessa Mahmoud Hasan Ghulam Almarzooqi

Ayesha Khalid Alfalasi

Sara Ahmed Ali Shah Al Bloushi

Ahlam Ahmad

Fatma Khalid Al Zarooni

Maryam Ibrahim Ali Alhaddad

Futaim Younis Hussain Sulaiman Ali

Maryam Yousuf Ahmad Jamal

Malina Server

Noora Abdulrahman Bilal

Fatima Ali AlMarri

Shaikha Abdulla

Hadeel Ahmed Alshalan

Al Jalila Centre

Alison Ladegaillerie (France)

Angels / Ceramic

Most of the time I am working with Porcelain because of that special texture I love! The series of Angels is a continuity of the previously series I did before « dancers ». To express the curve, movements thru the ceramic is my way on these pieces.

Anupama Jain (India)

The Immortal / Ceramic, Glass and Wood

A true warrior battles to his last breath and finds eternal peace before closing his eyes for the last time. The stories of their heroics become folklore and their legends live on in our hearts forever.

Duality / Stone ware clay, bronze and paints

Opposite elements - light and dark, past, and future, man and woman - have no significance alone. However together they complement, enrich, and complete each other. Contrasts, when embraced, lead to a balanced harmonious whole.

Claire Deniau (France)

Who We Are / Porcelain

"Who We Are" is a series of porcelain sculpture. From a distance we are all human beings. From close each of us are unique, hence the different textures and size. The sculptures evoke two pages of a book which tells the story of "Who we are". They can be moved and positioned as desired.

Dana Kamal (UK)

Luminous / Glazed buff clay figure with parian paper, trapped in twine, mounted on wood trunk

“If everything around seems dark, look again, you may be the light.”  Rumi

Listening / Father and child in glazed black clay, reading from parian book, mounted on recycled stained trunk. “When a man makes up a story for his child, he becomes a father and a child together, listening . . .” Rumi

Guirlande / Delicate roses nestled on a smooth black clay plate brandishing a streak of 21 carat gold

Reverence / Glazed buff clay figure on sphere bowing to the outstretched arms of his counterpart below “Whoever gives reverence receives reverence” Rumi

Flower of Life Vessels in Parian / Vessels in parian decorated with 3D repeat concentric pattern. (Winning entry Dubai Ceramics Award 2021)

Ghada Saleem (UAE)

The Change / Reactive Glaze Stoneware 

Lifeline / Reactive Glaze Stoneware

Griet Auwealnt (Belgium)

Tatentda, Galleria d'Arte Extraterrestre / Black volcanic clay partially glazed.

Bearer of gratitude and unconditional love.

Karine Legay (France)

Pristine Blue / Stoneware Clay with Glaze

Hand built large decorative bowl

Roland Nash (New Zealand / UK)

Confluence 2 / Ceramic

The ceramic sculpture is based on the blending of cultures creating a more tolerant and harmonious future-expressing hope of finding a peace and unity as we find pathways to live together, learning from each other, embracing, and celebrating our differences to for a unity in our shared humanity.

Shereen Shalhoub (Jordan)

Neighbourhood / Ceramics

Neighborhood' is a depiction of how we coexist in an area while carrying a combination that is unique to our upbringing. The city combines the old and the new, created as a representation of our evolution that integrates its historical and cultural traits along with its progression.

Valerie Vincent (France)

Porcelain Trees and Roots / Porcelain Sculptures

After the first series of charred trees and roots gangrened by pollution, this series is the culmination of a reflection on the need to preserve the purity of nature, as it is ultimately the mirror of our natures and the bonds that unite us.

Nahla Atié (Lebanon)

Tête en L’Air

A selection of totems from the series “Tête en l’air”.


Najla’a Abdallah (Australia)

Otherworldly Pancakes / Digital Art

Otherworldly Pancakes (1/5) is from the collection Unidentified Cuisine - A mini-series that reimagines everyday food as if it were from another world, an unidentified world.

Aysha Hamrani (UAE)

Adaptive Tradition / Digital Art – NFT

As an observer of the current tradition in the UAE, it has been fascinating to highlight how the young keeps reviving their traditions to fit a statement they wish to convey to the world. You could see how a traditional attire could take different forms, striking a balance between what is old and what is hip.

This might indicate of a broader view of how the country is pursuing the future while holding a pride to its root.

Alba Morales Ortega (Spain)

Design Day / Motion Art NFT

Motion art for us who break our heads to create processes, projects, ideas, etc. in the best way.

Happy design day!

Tools: Paper, pencil, Illustrator, After Effects

Arefeh Norouzi (Iran)

Over the Horizon / Medium

Humans have always held onto the hope, belief, and conviction that there is a better life and world beyond the horizon. In “Over the Horizon”, the artist examines what is really waiting for us beyond the horizon. The fascinating animation questions if life is possible on other planets, similar to the UAE’s quest for the potential of life on other planets.

Jasim Albulooshi/UAE

Desert To Mars / Medium

The artist’s latest piece follows the release of “UAE Astro”, created in honor of Hazza Al Mansoor, the first Emirati that was sent on a space mission. In “Desert to Mars”, Jasim features a spaceman staring at the modern city from a hypothetical desert on planet Earth symbolizing UAE’s incredible journey to space and becoming one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world.

Kaiwan Shaban

The Highest / Medium

The UAE is globally renowned and acknowledged for its distinctive excellence in architecture, as well as in technology, diversity of cultures, religions, and food. The figure represented in “The Highest” is walking in the desert surrounded by palms and nature, toward the iconic landscape of the city, which represents modernity and the future. 

Kristel Bechara (Lebanon)

Wings of Glory / Medium

Inspired by the majestic wings of a falcon, this artwork is a tribute to the bold and daring spirit of the UAE which continues to soar to new heights of achievement and success. With the shimmering sand dunes symbolizing its glorious past and the glimmering stars of the cosmos reflecting the future, this oeuvre honors the legacy of the Nation where dreamers thrive and shape a greater tomorrow for all. 

Matar AlFalasi (UAE)

Still / Medium

The unstoppable evolution of the UAE is represented in Still by the movement of a rolling ball formed by small pixels that resembles the design of the country’s iconic wind towers – Barjeel. The art points to defining elements of culture from the past, remaining consistent even in modern times, and continuing to make a mark in the future. 

Anantha Krishnan Nadamel (India)

In the Verge of Inevitables / Medium

This artwork was conceived and visualised based on the idea of a prequel to "The Age of Machines" within the surroundings of a hypothetical city in the UAE, illustrating a moment captured during the Cenozoic era prior to the introduction of the greatest inventions by mankind. These creations have the potential to conquer the world, the roaring waves, and the astral room. The future is here, and we are on the verge of the “Inevitables.”

Thomas Dubois (France)

Pearl / Medium

Pearl diving has been intrinsic to the UAE culture and heritage. This goes back to more than 7,000 years ago, to a time when UAE pearls traveled to Rome, Venice, Sri Lanka and even to India. For hundreds of years, the finest pearls in the world were found in the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf. The United Arab emirate's pearls were one of the most sought-after accessories of the time, symbol of beauty and nature.

"Beginnings Pearl" is an homage to this history.

Mawakeb Students

Since year one, Al Mawakeb Al Khawaneej (AMK) has praised itself for encouraging and providing students the opportunities to showcase their talents inside and outside school.  This year was no exception.  10 of AMK’s AP Art students were so excited and honored to take part of the Sikka Art Design and Festival where they will have the chance to exhibit their amazing digital artworks. 

Aljood Alblooshi (UAE)

Noura / Digital

Title: Noura : Artwork description: The artwork Noura was inspired by strong women in my life. The name Noura was a name specifically chosen for this piece as it means light. This represents the female role models in my life as, they are always there for me like a light in a tunnel of darkness.

Alia Abu Shahab (UAE)

The Time / Digital Art

My digital artwork is a part of my portfolio for my Ap Art exam.

Haya Al Awadhi (UAE)

Sisters / Digital Art

My digital artwork is a part of my portfolio for my Ap Art exam.

Maitha Al Zahed (UAE)

Architecture / Digital Art

My digital artwork is a part of my portfolio for my Ap Art exam.

Mansoor Al Qemzi (UAE)

Explosion / Digital Art

My digital artwork is a part of my portfolio for my Ap Art exam.

Nada Al Mualla (UAE)

Late N
ights / Digital Art

My digital artwork is a part of my portfolio for my Ap Art exam.

Omar AlHammadi (UAE)

Dreams / Di
gital Art

My digital artwork is a part of my portfolio for my Ap Art exam.

Rashed AlAwadhi (UAE)

Reality / Digital Art

My digital artwork is a part of my portfolio for my Ap Art exam.

Suhaila Al Jaziri (UAE)

The Future / Digital Art

My digital artwork is a part of my portfolio for my Ap Art exam.

Youssef Kobrosly (Lebanon)

3D Bird / Digital

This drawing is a simple depiction of a bird. I used 3D cubes to create the effect of feathers and the beak. I used the bursh effect to color the background and the cubes. It took around thirty minutes to an hour. It's also my first digital drawing and I was starting to get the handle of how things work.


Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) is partnering with the Sikka Art Fair to exhibit seven student-led projects advocating for the circular economy and human development. The group of works demonstrate the skills of DIDI students to leverage complex problem solving, creativity and critical thinking.  They also showcase the students’ talents and ideas in developing scalable products that support the UAE’s sustainability ambitions, including the UAE Net Zero by 2050 goal and Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050.

Alhaan Ahmed (India), Nikhilesh Mohan (India)

Hydria / Physical Prototype

Hydria is a domestic water recycling unit that redefines our relationship with water. Hydria recycles and repurposes left-over water from kitchen activities such as straining pasta, washing produce, soaking foodstuff, etc. It uses a 3-stage natural filtration system with purifying elements, such as gravel, sand, and activated charcoal. The water recycled through Hydria can be used for watering plants, mopping, ironing, and various household activities. At a larger scale, Hydria can be implemented within buildings to collectively produce and reuse recycled water. Creating a more self-sustainable operating community. Hydria can help us reduce our overconsumption and abuse of water as a resource. It provides us the tools to develop a more symbiotic relationship with water.

Kaya Tueni (Canada), Sana Mohamed (Sudan), Dalilah Mansour (Yemen)

Wastology / Product

Wastology is an intelligent composting solution responding to the need for reduction of food waste by integrating the concept of composting into our daily routine. The compost created from daily organic trash is used to nourish and grow the plants placed at the top of the compost pot. Powered by Arduino and linked to an app, Wastology tells the user when the compost is ready, along with everything regarding the health of the plants.

Mazyar Etehadi (Iran)

A‘seedbot / Sustainable Robotics – Prototype

Desertification is a massive problem across the globe caused by unsustainable agricultural practices. But much like climate change itself, desertification is a complex ecological issue that is difficult to understand. A’seedbot, a small autonomous robot was therefore born to inhabit the desert to cultivate its landscape. The robot is equipped with solar panels to charge during the day and navigate its way through the terrain at night, to identify fertile areas, report on them as well as plant seeds based on the data retrieved from its sensors and navigation system.

Arnav Bavishi (India), Mariam Lambertt (Cuba)

Warden / Working Prototype

Project Warden is an organism that redefines the relationship between plants and humans. It houses a plant acting as an ideal caretaker for it. Warden eliminates the plant’s dependency on humans by understanding behaviour and communicates through lights to indicate its surveillance over humans.

Alhaan Ahmed (India), Zinah Issa (Dominica), Mazyar Etehadi (Iran)   

Algrow / Physical scaled prototype

Algrow is a machine that decentralizes superfood production and operates as an independent immersive spirulina (micro) factory.

Rahmeh Al Assaf (Jordan), Pavwan Ahmad (Pakistan)

Ekduo / Digital Illustration, Fashion Film, Physical Garment

Our concept was derived by observing different species within the ecosystem and the essential life mechanisms they carry out.
We aim to highlight the Ecdysis process and use new techniques to recreate these textures. Our design aim is to be sustainable in terms of utilizing bio textiles made using cactus skin and aloe vera, as well as 3D printing techniques to recreate and distort the internal structure with biomimicry silhouettes.

The idea of multiple lives comes through with the molting mechanism and the life cycle of the animal's exoskeleton going into ecdysis but also through the materiality of each layer in our designs. The framework we have created follows efficient ways of maximizing the use of resources in multiple stages of the jacket’s user journey. Since, the jacket composes of multiple materials, each material goes through a unique start to end life cycle which differentiates the ways that the pieces can be reused, replaced and regrown.

Aysha Al Suwaidi (UAE), Shamma Al Mulla (UAE)

Floof and Friends / Product – Multimedia

Floof and Friends is an educational flash card game designed to target the three key aspects of early childhood development: cognitive, social, and emotional development. The game aims to reduce screen time through structured play and allows children to explore these areas using their imagination with Floof as a guide.