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AKAAS visual arts aims to spread culture and arts in the UAE and Dubai in particular.

Group Exhibition

Jassim Al Awadhi / Mixed media / Dialog / UAE

learning through communicating with my work

Faisal Al Rais / Art Installation / Connecting cords / UAE

The idea is a consolidation of worldly concepts and special self-concepts, as we, as human beings, connect and bond with each other with actual ropes, we may not see them, but they exist. Or loosened, and in this interactive experience, I aim to make people see how our relationships are and how we communicate with ropes that we don’t see, but they are there. I always hope to be strong between you and the work itself, and they are the connecting ropes.

Ahmed Al Dosari / Calligraphy / Modern Arabic calligraphy / KSA

The beauty of Arabic calligraphy

Mai Majdy / Painting / Hidden / Egypt

I believe that there is no better mirror of society than the faces of its people. Most of my artwork themes are inspired from stories and tales that reflect scenes of magical beauty and unique traditions and culture around me. I chose Emirati women as the main theme for my paintings. Each scene leaves an impression of the diversity and vitality of the world of women in Emirati society,That special hidden world full of femininity, cheerful colors, and a magical beauty inspires senses and souls

Moza AlFalasi / Mixed media / The World Is a Little Blurry / UAE

The concept of this work revolves around loss and grief. This work was dictated by a certain incidence where the electricity went off and it felt dark, fearful, and uncertain.

Rashid AlMulla / Painting / Metamorphosis / UAE

The work revolves around human ability to adapt to many situations by becoming their own spiritual animal and are guided by the unforeseen powers that resides in one’s soul.

Ali Jamal / Photography / Speed / KSA

Emiratis were passionate about this creature, they gained its high speed and reached record breaking top places.

Mousa Mohamed Alraeesi / Photography / Camel Disruption / UAE

"Disruption", defining a radical transformation of something like the adaptation of camels living in the shallow waters among the mangroves. Let's create a beautiful Arabic meaning for the word "Disruption"

Faisal Al Rais / Photography / life goes on / UAE

The idea is a set of pictures describing the state of the markets and life in the city of Dubai, the city that does not sleep despite the pandemic, but the city is still filled with spirit and life

Mohamed Abdulla Almarzooqi / Photography / From Oman / UAE

Photographs of the Sultanate of Oman

Jassim Al Awadhi / Art Installation / UAE

“Contact anonymous”

Sound is an invisible state that moves with the feelings, when two bodies converge, it rings, groans, longing, whistles, and sings... All of them translate the state of the projection and take the recipient to another dimension in the hidden world "the world of the dead"