AUD “IMMERSIVE” is a representation of 2 main body of work. The first is showcasing the power of immersive technology and its impact on education through the student work of “DDFT 473 – Virtual Environments” at the American University in Dubai (AUD) in collaboration with the Center for Research, Innovation, and Design (CRID). The second is a journey of an artistic project from the physical to the virtual done by Dr. Georges Kachaamy who uses immersive technologies as tools to augment his ongoing art project “Unconscious.”

“DDFT 473 X CRID Virtual Environments” is a course that is being taught at AUD using state of the art technologies that are installed at the CRID. The course allows the students the possibility to design virtual environments while being inside virtual reality. The body of work is a selected compilation of many projects where students show both the design process in VR as well as the design outcome. The work can be showcased in room 6 of house 28 where visitor can see the students process and outcome through both a screen and virtual reality set up (see the following page for sample plan and perspective).

Adam Meziou (USA) 

Terra / Digital VR

Terra is a virtual experience that engages the explorer's senses in a cavernous atmosphere. A cave narrows down to almost touch on the explorer, but then massively expands to give a hint of the echoes within the earthy space. The space lastly erupts into an explosion of dust.

AnnaJosephina Hajjat (Syria)

Eidetic / VR Sketch

Through your journey in life, you adopt distinctive memories that stay with you forever, most of these memories are characterized and recalled by your senses. The path you take, defined by the white platform is surrounded by the paths of other human beings, defined by the black platforms, which affects your journey and vice versa.

Ayat Derhem (Dominica)

Crescendo / Virtual Reality

It is a virtual reality experience showcasing 3 of the human senses through different stages of the human life, the name is inspired by the peak of the human senses, hence, Crescendo.

Dheyaa Dheyaa (Iraq)

Fractus / Digital

Fractus: ”A little body thyself thou deem, while the great universe in thee dwells.” Fractus commemorates Lebbeus Woods by creating an infinite surreal space that models the theoretical microcosm-macrocosm analogy. It links to his idea of multiplicity where space reflects motion, chaos, and violence. It is linked to the creation of an aggregate that mirrors the form of the cosmos.

Farah Ali (Egypt)

SOMA / VR Sketch

DMT is a recreational psychedelic substance which has a long and mystical history as an entheogen, prepared by various indigenous cultures for spiritual and ritual use. More recently, DMT has been discovered to be naturally produced in the human brain - 'the spirit molecule.' SOMA is an exploration into these psychedelic influences and how they may bend our perceived world. Use two eyes to look and One Eye to See. Welcome to SOMA.

Mais Marouf (Syria)

Rebirth / Virtual Reality

Technology is inspired by the anatomy of the human body from cells to wires and everything in between. We're moving into a new virtual world and we're exploring it chronologically just as a baby explores the 5 human senses through stages. Virtual reality allows the impossible to be possible even if it is as complicated as sensing the natural human senses.

Naya Aslan (Syria)

Rove / Virtual Space

Rove is a virtual space representing the senses of sound, touch, and sight in a linear passageway that takes you on a journey of non-traditional exploration of the senses.

Reem Mostafa (Egypt)

SOLICITUDE / Virtual Reality

SOLICITUDE is an intimidating space that desires to explore 3 human senses: Touch, Sound, and Vision.

Taimaa Barakat (Lebanon)

Phobia / Video

Phobia is a project that aims to target all your senses in virtual reality by elevating your fear levels.

Yasmeen Issa (Jordan)

APOGEE / Virtual Reality

Senseless vs Senseful You must lose your senses to ignite others. The heart of the project is where the senses lie versus the senseless spaces defined by white structures, having to go through the senseless to access the senseful.

Georges Kachaamy (Lebanon)

“Unconscious” is an artwork project that uses a unique technique (Surrealist Automatism) to generate a body of work that constitutes more than 100 pieces. The work will showcase 3 different versions: the physical, the digital, and the virtual. The physical will have original selected singular pieces done haptically. The digital will showcase the way it is done on a 2D digital tablet to be projected on a screen along with a printed version of 48 pieces compiled to create a 3 x 3 m artwork on fabric or canvas. The virtual will be an immersive experience of the same artwork using virtual reality set up that will allow visitor to experience the work in an immersive manner and provide them the opportunity to try it themselves. While the first version can be showcased in room 5, the second and third ones can be in the courtyard where the VR version will be placed in the middle with trackers and a marker on the ground for the visitors to sit and experience it. (See the following page for sample plan and perspective).

Jack B. Du (China)

Mandarinizer / Custom Software

Mandarinizer is an interactive installation that reflects the image of any person or object in front of it. Through a process the artist calls Mandarinization, the reflection is presented in a pixel-art style consisting of thousands of Chinese characters, also called Hanzi.

Make Unique / All Kinds of Art

"Envisioned by artists, powered by tech"

Metaverse Biennale 2022:’s initiative to bring the emerging NFT and Blockchain technology closer to art society.

In collaboration with C2 Communications, is launching Metaverse Biennale 2022 (MB2022), an unconventional virtual art space that will open to the public in March 2022. By using cutting-edge technology, the project innovatively showcases fine art for fans around the world to experience, celebrate, and cherish.

Designed to be one of the largest virtual art exhibitions, the space in the metaverse will spread over 101 halls connected with teleportation portals, instantly and seamlessly allowing visitors to move from one hall to another. The equivalent physical space of the MB2022 is extensive, measuring up to 100,000 virtual square meters, exceeding the size of major Biennales by many folds. Honoring the legends, the name of each hall will be inspired by great Master of Art hailing from 5 continents.

Decentralizing the art exhibitions concept, MB2022 will significantly impact the art industry and culture. This transformation will diversify the industry by making art accessible in a positive and encouraging environment.

Omar AlGurg (UAE)

Swalef by Modu / Installation / GRC

Swalef is a recreation of spaces in traditional Emirati households that invites guests to sit and have a chat on the terrace. Guests can then progress into a living room that has a smaller bench in front of a projection of colors, each color representing a different topic of discussion. The second room's layout is a bedroom, which represents the most private area of the house.