bait al khanyar museum

house 42

The only museum in the United Arab Emirates that tells the story and history of the Emirati dagger
and everything related to it from its craftsmen, history, designs, materials used, the way of wearing and its uses.

On the occasion of Sikka Art & design Festival Beit Al-Khneir Museum announces the most beautiful Emirati Khanyar.

Competition terms:

1-    It must be an old Emirati Khanyar

2-    It should be in good condition

3-    in UAE

4-    In the event that participation is approved, the Khanyar  must be brought to the museum’s headquarters for inspection

5-    Send an initial picture to confirm the type of Khanyar


First winner: Ten thousand dirhams

The second winner: Five thousand dirhams

The third winner: four thousand dirhams

15 – 24 March, 2022

Please send the photo via WhatsApp number 0553737721