the majlis gallery

house 52

The Majlis Gallery, having opened its doors in 1989, has become a haven for artists and art lovers from across the globe. Now holding the title as the first fine art gallery in Dubai, it houses works by artists from across the Middle East and beyond. Founded by the late Alison Collins, the Majlis was born out of a love for art, paired with the realisation that there was an absence of a space for artists to showcase their work. A Majlis is defined as a meeting place or common ground. Over the years, it has met that description and performed well beyond it, establishing itself as a true oasis for creative minds.


The Majlis gallery is currently housing a brand new exhibition, titled ‘Human Obsession’, which features works by artist, Ibrahim Al Hamid. The artist explains how 'Faces are the mirrors of our souls and by reading faces we read our happiness, fears, ambitions, and obsessions’. Alongside Ibrahim Al Hamid’s feature, we have a larger general collection of work on display, and beautiful Turkish jewellery also available for purchase. 

Entrance to the gallery is entirely free and we would like to welcome you to come in for a wander around this beautiful space. We are open between 10 am - 6 pm Monday-Saturday.